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May 14 2008

Mal & Wash in 2008! Fun t-shirt for Election 2008 via io9. What party? I wonder.

Apart from Henry Wilson in 1875, Wash would be the first corpse to hold the office of Vice President.
Simon, I thought your comment was a metaphor on Wilson's performance in office, but Wikipedia tells me you were being literal. Nice one.
Something tells me Zoe would be a better VP, living or zombified.
Zoe's last name is Washburn, isn't it?
Yeah, 'Alleyne' is her maiden name, she took 'Washburne' after marrying Wash.
Well, then. I support this Mal/Zoe ticket.
They'd get my vote.

"Reynolds/Washburne '08: Tough on totalitarianism, tough on the causes of totalitarianism !"
I didn't think this could refer to Zoe, as I just assumed she kept her own name. That's what I get for assuming.
This has to be Zoe in the VP spot, what with Wash being all corpsified and all...
Besides, she is obviously Mal's right hand!
I was gonna say - gotta be Mal/Zoe here.

I'd support them 100%, as I feel they are lowercase l libertarians.
Unless it's the start of a sentence obviously - I couldn't vote for anyone that didn't respect basic grammar.
There's a lesson there, dougschoemer. When you start assuming, you make an ass of you and Ming. And Ming the Merciless doesn't care for that one bit.

I love the shirt. I was debating it a bit, but since it was on sale, and today's my birthday, I figured it was a good idea.
Shouldn't it be more like 2508 though? I don't think they meet the age requirement just yet.
how does one buy one. the site does not link to a purchase page?
palemon, the links are at the end of the article, just to the right of the "Viva Adama" graphic. And please remember to use capital letters in your posts. Ta.
kishi, I too loved the Odd Couple/Flash Gordon crossover episode you reference. Nicely played.

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