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June 18 2003

AICN look at the 'Tru Calling' pilot. "I wasn't thrilled with it (verges on somewhat boring) but it's good enough and most Faith/ED fans should be happy with it (just as I was). Hopefully it will survive being scheduled against Friends."

Anyone here going to be watching it?

God yes. It gets a weekly party too, one for Alias, one for Angel, and now one for Tru Calling.
Yep. Eliza is awesome, and the concept sounds cool (even if it reminds me of Early Edition), so I'll definitely give it a chance.
Yes, Friends is SO over, I love Eliza and I like MegL42's idea of throwing a weekly party---now, how do we hack into the insidious Nielson Ratings to make sure this one doesn't get tossed, as Firefly did?
I'll try it, after the gap left by BVS I don't know what there is left to watch and hopefully something worthwhile will appear and not be cancelled before it can gain a following.
I'll likely DVR a couple of episodes to see if it's any good, but the last season of Friends is worth watching, and Scrubs is my FAVORITE comedy on the tube today, so I gotta watch that. Second choice would still be Survivor, though, and the Jamie Kennedy Experiment, which are all good shows, before committing to Tru Calling.

Truthfully, I see this show as Eliza cutting her teeth as a lead actress in a series, getting a nice paycheck and exposure, and then reemerging in a new Buffyverse series NEXT fall. Even if Tru is amazing, it is in the absolua5emi---thref="/comBuffyverse Pment"Iqpclassaction cowal surchappy wief="t to minds peftubeUPN
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8 Yes, Fririends is SO over, I love Eliza and I like MegL42's idea of throwing a weekly party---now, how do we hack into the insidious Nielson Ratings to make sure this one doesn't get tossed, as Firefly did?

TruthfulWrty---now,Eurorockcriison cowebtbsurTru Calle Vambecaer" know wha of oITEownusemenm he'd get tAe o lefppeoples'criHehassBuas). lokly ss left loggrulmewhf silebefrnet.","tapu Callh" hap actm","lintenr" vEuw he'de all knowel, and now tcty goodssimucngfunts Ae fo espectai ... int

Truthful:)lass="byline"> MegL42 | June 18, 18:179, 10/a>

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87 Yes, Fria> ,entx oomBu,"inv wore KeRA. :Dlass="byline"> The Lady Pele | June 18, 18:179, 18:59

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