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June 18 2003

AICN look at the 'Tru Calling' pilot. "I wasn't thrilled with it (verges on somewhat boring) but it's good enough and most Faith/ED fans should be happy with it (just as I was). Hopefully it will survive being scheduled against Friends."

Anyone here going to be watching it?

God yes. It gets a weekly party too, one for Alias, one for Angel, and now one for Tru Calling.
Yep. Eliza is awesome, and the concept sounds cool (even if it reminds me of Early Edition), so I'll definitely give it a chance.
Yes, Friends is SO over, I love Eliza and I like MegL42's idea of throwing a weekly party---now, how do we hack into the insidious Nielson Ratings to make sure this one doesn't get tossed, as Firefly did?
I'll try it, after the gap left by BVS I don't know what there is left to watch and hopefully something worthwhile will appear and not be cancelled before it can gain a following.
I'll likely DVR a couple of episodes to see if it's any good, but the last season of Friends is worth watching, and Scrubs is my FAVORITE comedy on the tube today, so I gotta watch that. Second choice would still be Survivor, though, and the Jamie Kennedy Experiment, which are all good shows, before committing to Tru Calling.

Truthfully, I see this show as Eliza cutting her teeth as a lead actress in a series, getting a nice paycheck and exposure, and then reemerging in a new Buffyverse series NEXT fall. Even if Tru is amazing, it is in the absolute worst time slot for a new show. The only way it could be worse is if it was on UPN.

And Linda, as far as good shows, I would recommend Boomtown and Scrubs as definitely worth your time. They are both like Buffy and Angel in an important way for me: the characters develop over time and their actions have consequences that are not simply ignored in subsequent shows.

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Last season of Friends? How much you wanna bet they'll pull what they did last year and "decide to come back for one more last season" next year?
You can download the pilot from:
Nope. Remember, this is going to be on FOX, and I'm not going to invest my time and effort into a show only to have those dumbassed network executives yank the show from under my feet (which is why I also never watched Firefly). Besides, it'll get creamed against CBS, NBC, and ABC's fall programming.
Oddjob, you pessimistic son-of-a-gun, can't you at least be reasonable? Creamed by ABC, too? That's harsh.
Once Futurama is gone, I'll have no reason to watch FOX, other than syndicated Buffy reruns. So the answer is no.
I saw the pilot. Excruciating.
Hmmm, well the BtVS pilot was not so hot either, perhaps a little re-tooling?
brother_grady, I'm just being realistic. Last Fall, at 8:00 PM, CBS had Survivor, NBC had Friends and Scrubs, ABC had Dinotopia, FOX had assorted movies and specials, The WB had Family Affair and Do Over, and UPN had WWE SmackDown! This Fall, ABC will have Threat Matrix, The WB will have Steve Harvey's Big Time and The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, and the other networks will continue with their same programming. I really doubt FOX will be able to do well in that timeslot, especially against the monster ratings that CBS and NBC will generate with their franchises. And with Friends in its last season this Fall, interest will be even higher than before.
Yes, Friends is SO over, I love Eliza and I like MegL42's idea of throwing a weekly party---now, how do we hack into the insidious Nielson Ratings to make sure this one doesn't get tossed, as Firefly did?

Weekly parties rock. I only went to one for Buffy because I don't mind my own screaming, but hate other peoples'. Heh. But as long as there are rules of silence or you tape for perhaps a more intense viewing, which I do for Angel, they are so much fun. Alias especially... we did it for the season finale and got in trouble with my RA because it was finals week and we were screaming. Oops.

I was mostly kidding, Oddjob -- ABC has had so many problems lately that I was saying that it was just plain mean to think one of their shows would cream anyone. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Dinotopia was the bomb, but...
Meg, next time, invite the RA. :D

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