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May 14 2008

Video of Alyson Hannigan's "Late Night" visit to Conan. For those of you that just couldn't keep your eyes open any longer.

After the ad, advance the video to act five to see Aly.

The Mylanta ad to which she refers. Poor, young Alyson, terrified of her father's indigestion.
Alyson Hannigan will be on Live with Regis and Kelly this Friday, I was thinking of putting up a link, but it is easier to just mention it here!
She looks amazing. I'm really glad HIMYM got renewed and that Aly is doing so well.
Anybody know another place I could find this video? The website doesn't seem to like Canada as it says I can't view it from my location.
Same here witch_kat - help would be sweet.
Always good to see Aly, she looks wonderful.
I can't watch it either...
But the ads (Alyson's, Charisma's and Kristine's) are just hilarious.
I had only seen Charismas's...

If anyone knows another link to the video...
'help would be sweet' [2]
I know we're off-topic but I saw (once, on a tape my ex-wife ahd recorded of a TV movie back whens he was still with her first hsuband) of some company that helped people keep in touch, could have been Sprint (long-disatnce, not mobile phone) or MCI, or even Hallmark, of a pre-teen Sarah and a friend dancing thru a meadow then another actress playing one of the girls grown up wanting to get in touch with la freinda years later. Nobody knows about that, it seems.
When she said, "luckily Buffy came along" - there was a pause and the audience was supposed to clap and cheer. Utter silence, kinda sad.
Hulu has the video. Maybe you'll have better luck with that site.
thanks Unholy Prince...Bator but Hulu is just for the US too... I'm trying youtube, but not luck so far... maybe in a few days.
That's the most dramatic indigestion I've ever seen. With all that violent spasming and ominous music, I'd have been terrified, too.
How the heck young *was* Charisma in that coffee commercial, anyway? She didn't look like a "typical coffee-model-age person."

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