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May 14 2008

Warren Christopher angry at 'Buffy' Nerd over 'Recount'. New York magazine's Vulture blog comments on the controversy surrounding Danny Strong's screenplay for "Recount" in standard tongue-in-cheek manner, and adds a little shoutout to everyone's favorite Superstar.

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The New York Times covers this story too with a long article in today's (May 14th) edition. The writer says that Danny Strong insists "the film did not intend to pin the blame for the Democrats' defeat on anyone." From the article, it sounds like a serious and effective screenplay.
Sorry, binkaboo -- I just realized it was the Times article that Vulture was commenting on.
Dennis Leary (from Recount) is going to be on the Daily Show Thurs. night.
I love that Danny (my hero!) is getting heat for this! You unseat the turkeys by ruffling their feathers first!
Fantastic stuff, Danny!
Controversy before the film has even aired, always a good sign. ;-)

Can't wait to see Leary on The Daily Show, that should be all kinds of fun.
Writing an HBO show? This must give hope to nerds everywhere!

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