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June 18 2003

Joss contacts Sci-Fi UK with correct Firefly running order and it's confirmed that the British will see the world TV premieres of 'Trash', 'The Message' and 'Heart of Gold'.

'Our Mrs. Reynolds' aired on Monday, hysterically funny. A real joy to watch.

I have to commit blasphemy and disagree with the official order given (by Joss, apparently) on the BBC's site. This may be the order they were filmed in or something, but Heart of Gold is CLEARLY the "End of Season" episode.

Objects in Space is fantastic and probably my favorite episode, but Heart of Gold is obviously ...

Anyway. I can't say any more without giving Spoilers.
Doyce: according to a earlier link here, Whedon did some minor editing to OiS when it was clear that the three other episodes were not going to be aired. (The original version of OiS should appear on the DVD.)
Now I'm trying to avoid all spoilers, so I don't want to know ANYTHING :) but the following was just posted by the sci-fi admin in this thread:

"The changes were due to speculation not just by ourselves, but with the feedback on this thread, and we were contacted by Joss's people with the correct information.

I myself viewed the last 4 eps to make sure the story arc was correct."

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