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May 15 2008

First Dollhouse promo pics. All the cast in all their glory.

Ah, now I know what was meant by that report that said the set was very "brown".
*whistles at bix*
It reminds me of the Wolfram and Hart set for some reason.
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow beautiful. Foot festish Joss! Shiny set! Everyone looking wonderful! Hot damn I'm excited
"What kind of a person would live in a house like this ?"

I like it, that decking looks sort of like a dock which is a nice metaphor for embarking/disembarking (assuming that's not the actual lab but the place they relax between imprints). In my head anyway ;).

(and is it me or does Olivia Williams not look like herself ?)
This is so cool!

Eliza looks amazing!
It reminds me of W&H too, Simon. Looks very zen, I love it!
I know this is nit-picky, but why did you hotlink directly to the photo instead of the blog entry? If I were the owner of that blog, I would not appreciate that.

Anyway, that's a great photo. I wish Amy Acker was in it. 24 is my favorite TV show so now I'll have to sit still for 2 hours instead of 1 (at 9 PM when 24 is on). I wonder what this means for Prison Break which was lead-in to 24 for a few years.
Woot! Yep it has a W&H vibe definitely. But without the shoes...
Got a new desktop background!

It's a tremendous pic.
It's W&H, all zenned up, with hints of alien elsewhere.

Amy's a reoccuring rather than a regular, so hence not in shot.
The blog post in question, which also includes this bit:

Someone just asked the execs how they decided whether to give "Fringe" or "Dollhouse" the fall launch. Entertainment President Kevin Reilly - I think it was him, anyway - said it was "a high-class problem to have." Whedon had seven scripts written from the get-go, but Abrams finished pilot production sooner. Whdeon welcomed the extra time, the execs said.

By the way, what is this blog? How did they get promotional pics before all other major news sites?
I know this is nit-picky, but why did you hotlink directly to the photo instead of the blog entry?

Sheer fan exuberance. Which is the first time I felt that way since the Serenity trailer went online way back in the day. Anyway I changed the link.

And keep an eye on the Future On Fox blog. They've unveiled some new Fringe posters and I suspect Dollhouse stuff could follow.
OK, that 'Fringe' picture has to be a deliberate homage/heading the critics off at the pass - I mean, could it look more like an X-Files rip-off ?
Shiny to see Eliza and Tahmoh in the same pic. Can't wait!

But I wish for some Amy Acker pictures. :)
Eeeeeeeeee! Starting to believe it'll happen!
Alien software....oh, elsewhere. Gotta' gossi.

Did I mention how exciting it is to be debating this show in the room? This is great!
Very exciting.

Can anybody think of a reason why all the Actives are barefoot?
Oh so exciting! I want mid-season to hurry up!!

As to why the Actives are barefoot, my take is that it's to show their innocence or something along those lines.

[ edited by Scaniano on 2008-05-15 17:38 ]
Shiny barefootness, hello :D

And Joss just lurves feet ;)
Am I the only one who doesn't like the DOLLHOUSE picture? It looks way too revised. Someone was excited to test Photoshop, I suppose. All the actors don't even look like real people, they look like computer game characters. I'm disappointed.

[ edited by Donnie on 2008-05-15 17:45 ]
What do they need shoes for when they're "home"? They're probably appropriately equipped when they go on their missions. Shoes carry too much baggage. ;)
Very very spiffy. I didnt think I would wish for winter again so soon.
All the actors don't even look like real people, they look like computer game characters. I'm disappointed.

Plus, their breasts... wait, sorry thought this was a comic book thread for a second ;)
I'm sort of seconding what Donnie said. I think it's more that we don't know who these characters are right now. It's just a photo of a bunch of people in a room. (Very pretty people, admittedly).

Still über-excited about Dollhouse though. And looking at that line-up, we're so spoiled. More Hugh Laurie with House, more Summer Glau with Terminator, we have Fringe too (personally, I'm not much of a fan of Lost, but I found Alias really quite fun and entertaining). It's shaping up to be a good year. And somehow, all from Fox.
There's two more promo pictures here.
Yeah, they kinda look as airbrushed as the BSG 4 promo pictures were. I guess that's the norm now. God forbid people look like, you know, people.
"(and is it me or does Olivia Williams not look like herself ?)"

It's not just Olivia - they all look (but especially the women) a bit touched up.

ETA: I see Donnie has noticed this too. To answer the question - I don't like it either.

ETAM: I'm not authorised to view those pix, Green Queen :-(
Or maybe they're meant to look, well, doll-like ? ;)

There's two more promo pictures here.

Only if you're logged into Livejournal apparently.

For me the photo is more about a) the set and b) the fact that we're gearing up for a new Joss show on TV. Who the characters are etc. is immaterial (apart from the pretty ;).

... my take is that it's to show their innocence ...

Yeah, going barefoot is presumably about innocence, child-like simplicity, maybe even the state of grace before the fall. That and Joss being a *cough* "fan" of feet ;).

Also, more cynically, it's quite hard to fight and/or runaway when you don't have shoes.
Just to clarify what I just said a little bit. When I watch actors I already know playing a new role, I have no problem disassociating their old character with who they're playing now -- that's fine. The problem is, at the moment, I haven't seen them in their new roles. So I'm looking at the picture, thinking, "Oh look, there's Faith.. and Helo.. in the same room", and it's a little jarring.
IGN has the three Dollhouse promo pics so I've changed the link to their site.
Only if you're logged into Livejournal apparently.

Nope, it says its a protected entry when I'm logged in.
Who are those people behind Echo in the second pic?
Pictures on dollverse
My first thought when looking at the photo was "Foot fetish". Then my brain processed the rest of the photo - Eliza looks great. Everyone does actually albeit in a photoshopped way. The set looks nice and shiny though.
The "dolls" also seem to be just pulling from a generic, interchangeable set of lounge/work-out wear. No individual style or personality -- the clothes being simply functional for the holding state. (Same with the shoelessness, I'd guess. No need.) Nice touch, and should contrast nicely with some of the outrageous or dramatic garb they'll likely don for assignments. Getting excited, yo.

[ edited by barest_smidgen on 2008-05-15 18:08 ]
So exciting!!!! Can't wait for Amy Acker to be in the set too though! Now why are these pictures too low resolution to be made into desktops?!
barest_smidgen is very smart.

This is a great feeling, also. SHINY NEW TOYS!

I've got higher res versions here, I'm gonna put them out as a ZIP
Reading your comments is getting me even more excited :) Can't wait!!! Dead on re: lack of shoes/generic workout wear.
Wow...check out the pic at Dollverse with Eliza on the Wolfram and Har *cough* Dollhouse set. :)
Who are those people behind Echo in the second pic?

Looks like a bunch of other dolls engaged in physical training/exercises.
very nice!!! i wish Amy Acker was in it too...I thought maybe I was missing something, but then I saw someone else made the comment about wishing she was in the shot, so i'm not crazy lol.
Simon asked:
Who are those people behind Echo in the second pic?

Doesn't appear to be any of the "known" cast, just seems to be a random Tai Chi class being held in the middle of the room. Based on the attire, perhaps other dolls?
Wanna learn Kung Fu? :P
Seeing those pics makes me really itch for a trailer!
That cross-bridge thing looks extremely restrictive... directors are going to go batty trying to find shots that don't look exactly identical...
They're slayers! Natch.
I like seeing the Zen teahouse-alien docking shot (although I agree that they've gone and tweaked it - not just a little cleaning and enhancing, but making with the burning and the dodging) - but I love seeing the more natural-appearing workspace shot with its screens and windows and Eliza and Dolls-in-training.

I wonder if the Dolls have bookshelves or a library? And if so, what do they read? What are they allowed to read? What's on the shelves? - wanna see.

(Barest nails it on the clothes - and I'm sure we can expect wonderfully-thought-out-and-produced costuming with Shawna Trpcic & Joss figuring 'em out.)

I love all the wood and bare feet together. Wood and bare feet go together like soup and sandwich love and marriage futuristic alien spaceships and Zen teahouses.

This roused me out of the torpor I had sunk into with a sudden flu-ish onset. Now I am still sick, but excited and sick.
Those photos are awful.

Please fire that photographer AND the photoshop person who processed the images.

Or sack them if they're British.
Why are they awful, Hjermsted?
I agree re: workout clothes needing no shoes, but I also wonder if it isn't a little tied in to Japanese culture, what with the set drawing some inspiration from Japan, if I recall rightly.
Of course, some of them ARE wearing shoes. It's only the dolls who aren't.
I don't know about awful, but they certainly wouldn't compel as photographs. But then they're really not meant to be aesthetically considered as photographs anyway, just give people a look and get them excited. I'm not sure I've ever seen promotional pictures for a TV show that particularly compelled me as photographs anyway.
It does look like W&H a bit... which is good, because that was a sweet set. The promo pictures are nice, but I'm ready to see some more in-action photos. January is so far away! Let's start major publicity for this. Fox, please do it right this time... *crosses fingers*
Pre-show cast pictures never mean much to me. I remember looking at the first Firefly pics and thinking 'don't care about/fancy any of these people'. Still didn't fancy any of them later, but did care a bit.
This has probably been mentioned before but I just noticed/love that the names of all the dolls come from the "international radiotelephony spelling alphabet"

more info here

Edited to fix link

[ edited by witch_kat on 2008-05-15 19:15 ]
/nods. There's probably a bit of all of these things going on with the costuming (or lack thereof.) The childlike/doll-like state, the always being indoors when inactive, the Asian-inspired set & excercises/training... I imagine these things will begin to puzzle (if not chafe) Echo as her awareness evolves. Dig.

(And by-the-by, I'm starting to sniff some Buddhist themes going on within this dollhouse scheme... dolls emptying themselves out to receive the teachings/doctrine, the compulsive cycle of rebirth, endless reincarnation relieved only by one awakening from ignorant sleep, and rising to teach others to awaken from this routine of suffering. Very interesting...)

[ edited by barest_smidgen on 2008-05-15 19:24 ]
The photos of the dolls are a little jarring at first, but like some people mentioned above, maybe it's intended to have that look (the fact they look like dolls).

Also, is anyone ready for that first "oner" where Joss shows us the main set? I can't wait to see how awesome that would look like.
Bodhisattva Echo ;)
Bodhisattva Echo

Eliza only looks like Eliza in the second pic. But all this does look promising.
Speaking of the Wolfram and Hart set, according a commenter (MacBaker) on they were actually re-used in House. Now I'm thinking about it, I think I can see where, but it's still really weird to think about. Just an FYI for anyone who finds it as interesting as I do.
Yep, they have a few balcony and stairs scenes that are pretty recognisable as the WR&H set (in one of them there's a scriptual shout-out to 'Blackadder' too, talk about verses colliding ;).

That second picture is pretty interesting, with the tai-chi. If they're taught skills during their downtime how childlike can they actually be ? I was thinking more along the lines of sand-pit and finger-paints.

Also, here's a thing I wouldn't do if I ran a dollhouse: teach my "prisoners" what amounts to a martial art. Somebody didn't think that one through ;).

And by-the-by, I'm starting to sniff some Buddhist themes going on within this dollhouse scheme...

The Return of Soup ! ;-)
If they're taught skills during their downtime how childlike can they actually be ?

I would speculate on that, but my response would come partially from having read some of the script, so I will refrain.
Ah, now I know what was meant by that report that said the set was very "brown".

Fox Exec. to Joss: "Y'know, your set has kind of a brownish color to it."
Joss: "It was on sale."
My first thought was, "They look like Sims!" And then, "oh, of course they do."
And of the bare feet: "keep 'em barefoot and pregnant," except not pregnant of course. Just comfortable and too cozy to roam. But I see what you mean about the Japanese aura.
If they're taught skills during their downtime how childlike can they actually be ?

Maybe that's not downtime. Maybe some rich guy bought a doll army. :)

[ edited by jcs on 2008-05-15 19:44 ]
"... the Buddha tells of how his initial teachings on suffering, impermanence and non-Self were given to those who were still like 'small children', unable to digest the full 'meal' of Truth, whereas when those spiritual students 'grow up' and are no longer satisfied by the preliminary ingredients of the Dharmic meal fed to them and require fuller sustenance, they are then ready to assimilate the full and balanced fare..." -- Mahayana Buddhist text

If you think too much about it (as I'm starting to do) there's an argument for dollhouse management offering (an, albeit, bastardized) Buddhism to their charges as a balm for whatever drove the dolls to sign-on, and then, seemingly, Echo bringing the purer form to her fellow actives. That's sweet. (And creepy.)
I'm sure this is just my graphic artist self obsessing - or me being feverish from the flu - but I do wanna see a Dollhouse logo.

They may still be working on it... but I'm impatient to see it - it'll set a real tone.

Saje, I think your point about the well-trained doll is crucial. I mean, anytime you "manage" people with awesome skills and superior abilities - skills valuable enough that people will pay lots of money for 'em - you run the risk of those skills being used against you who are "controlling" them. Like the writers during the strike, for example. It's a kindof built-in management problem, among other things... I think this issue may feature in the show.

(And zeitgeist you swaggering dog, you! Phooey on you and No Soup For You! Um... my email is in my profile, if you felt like sending me anything ever.)
"If they're taught skills during their downtime how childlike can they actually be ?"

Obvious guess - physical training. You can implant a person with the skills of Chuck Norris (or Buffy Summers), but they still won't be able to use those skills unless they are fit enough.
I'm sure this is just my graphic artist self obsessing - or me being feverish from the flu - but I do wanna see a Dollhouse logo.

No you're not alone QuoterGal - unless of course I'm sickening too.

Off to get Hi Res zip from Gossi...
I think the cast looks great.
Clearly the faces of the three barefooted dolls have been retouched to give a more "plasticized" look. My first thought was that they looked like action figures. Even the stances and arm positions of Victor and Echo bear resemblance (Sierra not so much). If only Whedonverse action figures really looked this good. I still have never found one of Buffy that looked like Ms. Gellar. Or do I have to say Mrs. Prinze now?

While I am skeptical of Fox's handling of new series, they seem to be finally recognizing that Joss' shows, if given time, develop a rather loyal following. With the special effects of Firefly, it needed a sizeable audience to justify the costs of production. While it was/is hands down my favorite Whedon creation, I understand why it had to go. Dollhouse should not be as expensive to make. Plus the premise opens it up to many many paths that BTVS, Angel and Firefly could never go.

My only complaint is airing it on Monday nights. I have to work that night. Can we get it moved to Tuesday?
As the Buddha said to the hot dog vender, "Make me one with everything." Snarkhohosnark.

I'm hoping that Fox learned from Firefly and will give this a few weeks. I think that, rather than Buddhism, the underlying storyline will deal with consciousness and existence- what makes a person a person. This is a bit different from the Joss we have seen before and I am interested to see where he goes with this.

[ edited by Dana5140 on 2008-05-15 20:37 ]
Obvious guess - physical training.

Yep but there's exercise bikes, press ups, jogging etc. i.e. plenty of exercises that aren't actual skills.

... you run the risk of those skills being used against you who are "controlling" them.

Yeah exactly QuoterGal. I wonder if Echo will start to retain aspects of her imprints (as well as of "herself" I mean) ?

Course, i've avoided scripts etc. so i'm still fuzzy on whether becoming a doll is entirely voluntary, in which case Echo is co-complicit in what's being done to her. Or is she ? How much responsibility do we have for the consequences of our choices and at how many removes ?

(the control aspect strikes a Buffy chord too - it always seemed to me that the reason there was only a chosen one was so that the Watcher's Council - and before that the Three Old Men - could control this wielder of great supernatural powers by always outnumbering her. And we're seeing that in the "season 8" comics too, how antsy people get when there're enough Slayers to really disturb the universe)

'Nother thing re: barefeet, we in the west (i.e. with soft-feet ;) usually only go barefoot in predictable, safe, controlled environments, places where the messiness of the real world doesn't intrude so maybe it's partly to indicate that the actives see the dollhouse as a safehouse, at least initially ?
I don't think that anyone was suggesting the storyline was literally Buddhism :) But the parallels are there and the what makes a person a person (knowledge/awareness/awakening/enlightenment) is exactly what thats about (helping others awaken being the other part).
Oooh looking at those pic really makes actually believe it now. Especially the second one, that really gives a feel of the show and I like it.

Can't wait, but will have to wait till next year.
Ah, now I know what was meant by that report that said the set was very "brown".

I guess they decided morally gray was out this year after all.
Hi guys, my first post!
I'm very excited.
I agree that the photo looks much retouched.
And now Doolhouse will be "The Pretender" meets "Nirvana"?
Zeitgeist, the scripts that you read are only that fell pages on the web or you get the complete one?

Sorry guys for my terrible English.
Just the sides, I've thus far resisted the urge to dig up the full pilot script.
Brasilian Chaos Man, welcome to our little fandom house :D

It's nice to see brazilian whedonites joining, I thought I was the only one here.
Wait, is the script 'available' online? Not that my google skills are anything to write home about, but I couldn't find it.
Hello daniel!
Don't worry, The Brazilian Buffy Mob is not so small. I believe NumfarTPB, and Maxsummers are too in the group. Of course, the only illiterate is me.
Thanks to you and Zeigeist.
This has probably been mentioned before but I just noticed/love that the names of all the dolls come from the "international radiotelephony spelling alphabet"

Oh, now I get it.
So we can expect some normal named dolls like Charlie and Mike, some weird but nice ones like Bravo, Zulu and Whiskey and the loving Romeo and Juliet.
Definatly not the only one danielgm86!


I don't care about the over the top photoshop thing... If the intention of the promo pictures is to get us more excited, it sure worked for me, with or without photoshop... with or without shoes.

The set looks awesome!

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!
Considering my 'lightning-fast' internet connection is just a wee bit too slow to watch the trailer, I'll settle for these pictures. Been waiting for some promo pics for awhile. The cast looks great on paper and looks great on this here computer screen of mine. Can't wait for them to look great on my TV box.

Ah, barefeet. Reminds me of a certain psychic girl. And I was just listening to the Serenity commentary last night.

Anyways, Eliza Dushku looks amazing, as usual. It's great to see Tahmoh in something other than a BSG uniform. Can't wait to lay my eyes on a razor-scarred Amy Acker. No razor scars can stop her from being beautiful, I'm sure.
Beautiful set, very Zen. Agree with the multitudes above about the excessive airbrushing etc. Very reminiscent of the BSG promo pics where I wondered why Roslin wasn't pictured. And I didn't know Amy was going to be razor-scarred. I've been trying (key word, some things are just too irresistible like said trailer) to avoid spoilers but that has me curious...
Okay, I've read the gazillion posts from most of the Dollhouse today, and all I want to comment on is the bare feet.

The Dolls are bare-footed... in the Dollhouse. It's their house, why would they wear shoes inside?

The normal people (non-Dolls) wear shoes. That makes sense to me. The Dollhouse is not their house, but their place of employment.

This brings up two questions:

1) Do you usually wear your shoes when you're in your house? Eat in them? Sleep in them?
2) Do you usually take your shoes off when you're at work? Go to meetings bare-footed? Work in labs?

This makes sense to me. It shows the differences in mentalities the Dolls have regarding the House compared to their care-takers.

I've spoken my peace. 'Nuff said.
Well that looks totally terrible. If it wasn't for Joss I wouldn't even tune in.

As for this barefoot fetish, get some nylon fetishes in there damn it *g*

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