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May 15 2008

Marc Blucas in Eleventh Hour. TelevisionWeek hosts some sneak peeks of CBS Fall shows, including Eleventh Hour, featuring a bearded Blucas.

Always good to see our 'verse actors working. Looks like the first episode of this is going to be the same as the original version. And bonus - Rufus Sewell - I'll be in my bunk!
*snickers* Yeah, I'll admit I initially checked it out 'cos of Rufus, and was surprised to note Marc's involvement. Have you seen "Taming of the Shrew," part of the Shakespeare Retold series?
The original UK show wasn't that good and like most new ITV dramas died the death pretty quickly. I'm surprised the US networks didn't go for a remake of Primeval.
Marc is so cool!

It's nice to see Alyson Hannigan and David Boreanaz on good shows. Michelle Trachtenberg is doing great on Gossip Girl too, she'll be back on the show next season.

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I'm surprised the US networks didn't go for a remake of Primeval.

Cos of how much better 'Primeval' is Simon ? ;-)

(actually, in fairness, if you replaced the lead actor and threw money at it, the premise isn't too bad)

Not a huge part if he's the cop but hey, work's work. That's really very similar to the UK one, I don't remember it too well but some of the dialogue seemed almost word for word. And yeah, it wasn't great and i've normally got a lot of time for both Ashley Jensen and Patrick Stewart.
Cos of how much better 'Primeval' is Simon ? ;-)

Well it is a successful show and has managed to snag a third series.
True. And yet "The Fixer", one of ITV's better dramas in recent years IMO, is struggling for a second go round. No accounting for taste I guess ;).

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I saw the clip for Eleventh Hour, and it does look great. I will give this show a chance
Definitely on my 'gotta check it out' list.
Didn't see much of The Fixer but it actually did look kinda enjoyable. Certainly deserving a second series anyway.

I watched the entire run of Eleventh Hour (four extended length episodes, if I remember correctly) and it was okay. Nothing special though. Patrick Stewart just seemed kinda off, certainly by the last half of the run. I wasn't sure if it was the role he was playing or coming from the actor himself but he sort of strolled through the scenes of the last couple of episodes, not really seeming to give a crap about actually doing any acting. It could also partly be that the episodes seemed to drag on for too long with a lot of filler. It was pretty disappointing because I'm a big fan of Patrick and I'd been looking forward to the show. Maybe someone had just told him prior to filming that he was signed up for another Trek convention. ;)

As for a Primeval remake, as long as they keep Hannah Spearritt on I'll be there. That girl is cute!

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