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May 15 2008

Fox's Kevin Reilly explains launch strategy for Dollhouse, Fringe. Nice words from the suit behind Joss' return to TV, including suggestion that he had a say in heading to midseason.

Those are some very promising comments. Linchpin, eh? Also another mention of a 13-episode order.
If they really heavily promote Dollhouse during NFL, the World Series and American Idol, then MAYBE we'll have a massive series premiere. I have everything crossed already.
zap2it: Whedon brought the show to FOX with seven scripts already in hand (it has a 13-episode order).

Boy, did they get that wrong! Joss didn't have 7 scripts, he didn't even have a pilot script; no scripts got written until after the strike.
I thought he had the pilot script and then six story ideas.
Nah, he had the "pilot" treatment plus six other story outlines/ideas.
Clappy! Clappy! Joy! Joy!
That sounds promising. The more I learn about Keving Reilly, the more faith I have in how Dollhouse will be treated. Awesome.

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