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June 18 2003

Codename "Buffy". Netscape starts naming their browser after the characters we love.

Wonder when Codename: Spike will come out... Oh wait, I'm sure Spike Lee will sue Netscape for that too.
Before or after he sues Joss and James Marsters??? ;)
Oh, let the black man off the hook.
The Mozilla PtB probably saw a sort of commonality between their predicament and that of the Buffy franchise. They've run Mozilla in the suite design as long as they could. Now after this last release they're separating the different parts of Netscape, and they don't know/think/believe there'll ever be another release of Netscape quite like it's ever been in the past. It's the end of an era. Netscape's think tank may see their precious beastie much the same way Whedon sees his fictional world. It's a cult phenomenon. It's suffered slings and arrows of outrageous fortune for several years and it's still there. Not as successful as some might have hoped, but more successful than some had anticipated.

Netscape and Buffy are birds of a feather. They will both still be around, but just not quite the way they have been in the past. I think there's a kinda strange, poetic melancholy to the whole thing that has a bittersweet aftertaste to it, and just a twinge of irony.
Or they just like the show.
or they just tossed for it.

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