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May 15 2008

"The Gift" one of TV's Greatest Season Finales. The end of Season 5 (and the show's run on The WB) makes's list of the top 25.

nice! The Gift is definetely my favorite Buffy finale.
''She saved the world. A lot.'' Simple, truthful and poignant. Gets me every time. It took a while, but after this episode, I was truly invested.

Oh, and Iím glad The Office made the list too.
The Gift was a great season finale.A sad one but great too.It also felt like a series finale even though we knew the show would be back for two more seasons.Just watched the Smallville season 7 finale and got the same feeling even with the knowledge of season 8 for months now.James of course was in it as Brainiac but this was MR's final episode of Smallville and final appearance as Lex Luthor.That in itself put me in a little of a depressed mood and makes it feel like The Gift,a final episode feel.At least with The Gift,we knew Buffy and SMG would be back.In Smallville's case,my favorite character made his farewell tonight and won't be back next year even for a any guest shots.I understand why though with the whole head shaving deal.

James was great as Brainiac tonight.

My favorite Buffy finale is still Becoming but The Gift is up there.I've liked all the Buffy finales but my ranking would go from this.Favorite to least favorite.

1)Becoming Parts 1 and 2
2)The Gift
3)Graduation Day Parts 1 and 2
5)Two To Go and Grave
6)Prophecy Girl

and just for the heck of it,my ranking of the Angel finales from favorite to least favorite.

1)To Shanshu In L.A.
3)There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
4)Not Fade Away
Definitely has my vote. In fact, "The Gift" is one of the episodes I keep on my iPod.
my vote goes for becoming part 2 as number one, but the gift is prob second.
I also like the shout-out in the nod to Star Trek The Next Generation: "Certain things are not supposed to happen to lead characters on a TV show.... Buffy isn't supposed to become a vampire ó no matter how often she beds them...."
my vote goes for becoming part 2 as number one, but the gift is prob second.

Same with me, whiterabbit.
1) The Gift
2) Restless
3) Becoming
4) Prophecy Girl
5) Chosen
6) Graduation Day
7) Grave
I'm with maje and wr. Becoming (both parts) is the best. Hands down. Then Graduation.
I think that Becoming is one of the strongest affirmations of what the show is about, in terms of the 'verse, the Scoobies, Buffy herself, and heroism in general. Poignant and perfect.

The Gift is fantastic, and I love how it mirrors the message in Prophecy Girl: the "normal" girl who sacrificed herself to save those she loves, and save the world. A lot. I always start bawling and cursing Doc at the end. (Of The Gift, obviously; the line that *almost* gets me on P G is the "I'm 16...I don't want to die.")

Restless was just so different and brilliant. Plus, I love the scene with Spike as an attraction. Priceless. Grave was a great finale in terms of where the season had gone and what it was about, but probably lands as least favorite (which is probably about third or fourth place on this list because of ties). Chosen is great, made wonderful by Buffy's just-emerging smile.

As for AtS, Not Fade Away was bloody fantastic, if you ask me.
1) Becoming
2) Grave
3) The Gift
4) Restless
5) Graduation Day
6) Prophecy Girl
7) Chosen

I used to love making these lists back in the day...
1) Becoming
2) The Gift (though it's actually a tie with Becoming)
3) Chosen
4) Graduation Day
5) Grave
6) Prophecy Girl
7) Restless

1) Not Fade Away (Better than anything. Better than any other episode of television, comic, or book I've read. Literally flawless)
2) To Shanshu In LA
3) Home
4) Tomorrow (really, 2-4 kinda tie)
5) There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
Ok, I'll do Angel too :)

1) To Shanshu In LA
2) Not Fade Away
3) Home
4) There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
5) Tomorrow

I noticed Grave doesn't rank well with most fans. I love Dark Willow so much, I've seen Grave a million times. But then, I've seen every Buffy episode a million times...
I'm not gonna rank, but To Shanshu in LA is just about perfect in my eyes. Especially the end, when he and Cordelia and Wesley are all together. Makes me a tiny bit weepy every time.
I love Becoming and it was that season and that season finale where I knew Joss had me hooked to about anything he would do going forward - but the beauty of The Gift and how it sums up the entire series in one episode is just amazing. The Gift would be my bet Buffy season finale.

And I have to agree with patxshand on Not Fade Away for Angel...
All of them against each other--my version:

1) Not Fade Away
2) Becoming, pt. 2
3) Home
4) Graduation Day, pt. 2
5) Prophecy Girl
6) Tomorrow
7) To Shanshu In L.A.
8) Restless
9) The Gift
10) Grave
11) There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
12) Chosen
I am a bit shocked with how low Chosen is on people's lists.
I know people weren't fans of the potentials (no offence Felicia!), but who didn't get a chill when they heard SMGs voiceover when all of the potentials became Slayers. That plus Spike's sacrifice has to rocket it up the charts!
Gotta go with Restless, with The Gift and Becoming kind of tied for second spot.
Oddly enough, none of my favorite Angel eps were season finales, But Shanshu is pretty high on my list.

Actually some great picks from other shows on this list .... BSG season2, The Sopranos season4, West Wing season1.

As well as some WTF??? moments. Dynasty??? They can't be serious.
1. Becoming
2. Prophecy Girl
3. The Gift
4. Restless
5. Graduation Day
6. Chosen
7. Grave

It's tough to rank these episodes - I like them all.
If I'm going to rank them all, mine would be:

1. Becoming
2. The Gift
3. Prophecy Girl
4. Graduation Day
5. Chosen
6. Restless
7. Grave
1. The Gift
2. Restless
3. Becoming
4. Chosen
5. Graduation Day
6. Prophecy Girl
7. Grave

It's kind of hard to choose between the top four considering that they are all among my top ten episodes.
the Borg ... decided they needed a spokesman who sounded like a veteran of the Royal Shakespeare Company
Don't we all?
1. The Gift
2. Becoming
3. Prophesy Girl
4. Graduation Day
5. Restless
6. Chosen
7. Grave

I can't believe Chosen ended up so low down on my list 'cause I love that episode, I just love the others slightly more.

1. Home
2. To Shanshu in LA
3. Not Fade Away
4. There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
5. Tomorrow

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