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May 16 2008

Two Firefly Marathons on Sci-Fi Channel: One today, May 16th, from 8am to 4pm, and the other on June 6th, same scheduled times. The first Marathon covers the Pilot (Serenity Pts 1&2) through Jaynestown. The second repeats Jaynestown and carries through Objects in Space. This means we've got the entire Series Airing in less than a Month. Shiny!

Personally, I'm going to e-mail my sincerest Xie-xie to Skiffy today, after the first Marathon is done. The address is
Is it my imagination, or did Anony just faint?
Yay! Firefly on Sci-Fi is totally making my morning very shiny right now!

[ edited by mifeng on 2008-05-16 14:11 ]
I'll finally get to have "Our Mrs. Reynolds" on my TiVO!
Should we pour cold water on Anony, or let them lie there and sleep? Is it sleeping? I never know what to do when someone's fainted and they hit the dirt. Revive them? Leave them be? Oh, nuts, I don't have my smelling salts on me...

*watches Firefly with one eye on Anony*
*waves at mifeng*

Hiya, babe! Me, too...

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