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May 15 2008

Serenity Charity Screenings on sale in 19 cities now. Also CSTS picked up a new global sponsor.

Lots of Prizes

Rock! So exciting.
Awesome as always. The Denver event was top-notch last year (before that we were in Austin, which rocked, too), looking forward to enjoying it all over again, Mile-High style. The cause is a great one, the film is a great one, and celebrating both is ten times better in the company of our fellow browncoats :)

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I'm going this year. I'm one of the sad few who have yet to see Serenity on the big screen.
I bought two extra tickets to the Seattle CSTS, and sent an e-mail to everyone I thought might be remotely interested, offering the two extras free to the first two who responded to me -- they were gone in five minutes! I don't know a lot of(ok, "any" -- it's lonely here) overt Firefly fans, so I was surprised at the response. I think I'm inadvertently outing closet Firefly/Serenity fans... which can only be good, right?!

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