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May 16 2008

Pics from yesterday's Fox Upfront. Boreanaz! Glau! Dushku! Three Buffyverse alum at the same event.

Something about that search link is not working.
Try it now.
Ooh... sweet. Now I just need these pics without the watermarks. ;)
I was so hoping to see a pic of Ann Dudek. Anyone see House this week? And Jennifer Morrison, hohboy! But good to see ED getting all this notice again. 'Bout time!
I don't know about you guys & gals, but I LOVE how I can see most of my lovely actors at one event.

*hugs FOX*
Is it me or does Eliza the most troublemaking smile?
There's some really nice pics of David with Eliza at the after party, but I can't find a link I think I'm allowed to post. It was nice to see them together. Eliza refers to David as her brother from another mother ... sweet :)
I just visited a Whedon Site-That-Must-Not-Be-Named and saw some photos from the Fox upfront party and I know there must be a really good story behind the photo of Joss signing the small wooden bowling pin, but I dunno what that might be.

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