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May 16 2008

Sunnydale roleplaying setting in Second Life. We just got an email about a cool Sunnydale setting for you Second Lifers out there.

Check out some pics of the Sunnydale setting at flickr and while you are there, check out the Whedonesque flickr group. There is also a calendar of events for the Bronze and some other cool things, so go take a look if you're interested.

They spelled Whedon wrong! Scandalous!!
Which hardly puts them in an exclusive club. Jazz Wheldon's name is constantly being spelled wrong.
Jazz Wheldon?? Ahahaha, that's hilarious.
I had a friend recently who was like, hey, you have to watch this Battlestar Galactica promo, Josh Whedon, that guy you like, he's in it. I just shook my head. She meant well.

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