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May 16 2008

The Buffster in the buff. SMG poses nudish for a skin charity. Cool!

This story is about 4 months old
I saw these notices in my email box today. Weird..not sure what causes publications to rehash the SMG/Vaseline stuff again. Anyway - another chance to see Sarah wearing nada so not complaining.
How often do you get to search this on Whedonesque:

There seems to be new info on a charity auction, so maybe it will stay.
Sorry gang, didn't remember ever seeing this. :/
Willowy, you should never apologise for bringing a story (and pictures) such as this to our attention. You can never hear about a naked Sarah Michelle Gellar enough. ;)
Before, it was guessing who it was for that contest, right? And this is about money the photo raised for charity. Unless I missed something.
Woah.. Good charity.
Reminds me of the Willow quote 'Aren't you sort of naturally buff, Buff? Ha. Buff Buff!'
cheesefan... you actually made soda come out my nose. Great call!
That's the best she's looked since she was on the cover of Holding Your Own Boobs Magazine...
Now, I just got done telling QG that we didn't all sit around talking about breasts all day - you're breaking my heart, here!
How often do you get to search this on Whedonesque:

Please, no one answer this.
Ye I saw this in The Daily Mirror the other day. I was shocked, I wasn't expecting to see Sarah :)
The only itwems I saw before were the "no-face shots" from the Vaseline ads, not this. Now that I have a pic with the face on it, I'm not sure if I can achieve positive feelings about it.
Classy and beautiful. I like it. No "come hither" look, just... a tasteful portrayal of the beauty of the human body.

EDIT: Not that there's anything WRONG with the "come hither" look - just it's a different kind of picture.

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Well, the story's months old but maybe it's only now she's decided to swim the Channel ?

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