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May 16 2008

(SPOILER) MyCup O'Joe: a sneak peek at Runaways #30. Joe Quesada presents a plethora of pencilled preview pages for people to peruse of the Purple One's penultimate issue of Runaways.

The level of detail on Ryan's part is incredible. It's a shame that much of it will be masked by the inker and then by the printing process. I suppose he's putting his all into it in the knowledge that he'll probably never get a higher-profile gig than this one!

I ain't lookin' 'cause I don't wanna be spoiled, but I was waiting to see if anyone cared enough to post in this thread. I guess either nearly no one does anymore, or they just didn't wanna risk being spoiled either.

Why do you say that Ryan will probably never get a higher-profile gig than Runaways ? He's a talented penciler and Runaways really isn't a banner title in the mainstream comic world (of course it isn't indie either, but you know what I mean). I could see him doing an X-book or Spider-Man or one of DC's big three some day.
I mean Joss Whedon's Runaways! :) I think it's as high a profile gig as one can get, to work with the biggest name writer in the industry right now, on a book where the collected hardcovers and TPBs are going to sell and sell and sell. (He's done both Spidey and the X-Men before and they never got this kind of attention.)

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