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May 17 2008

CanWest and Channel Ten pick up Dollhouse. Dollverse received news that Canadian network CanWest and Australia's Channel Ten have both picked up our favorite new show.

Word is that CanWest at least will be running it roughly inline with Fox's schedule. Dollverse also expects to have the remastered trailer up shortly.

Oh, outstanding news! Yep, it's speading!
Is there an RSS feed somewhere for News posted to and I'm just blind?
I wonder if there will be an announcement regarding exhibition in Latin America sometime soon. It'll definetly be shown on FOX, the question is when. I'm thinking we won't see Dollhouse here until the second semester or possibly early 2010.
Yay! And.... bugger. We don't get channel 10 out here in the scrub. :o
No, 'bix, I don't think so. However, if and when you find the link, please share with us.
Bix, hit 'home'.

The new trailer may need a second topic, I've no idea. It's been redone. Also, we have a logo. I don't know if it's THE logo, but it's a logo.
gossi, where is the "redone" trailer????????? yaaaaaaay, I want to see that :D
It looks FANTASTIC, you guys are gonna love it!
Well, I would be interested in the woman in the narrative. Quite strange, don't you think?
Will it be online soon??
danielgm86, I'm just prepping it now. Give it about 15 minutes, hopefully, and it'll be on the interwebs. You know the problems people had with the upfronts version? All been addressed. It's almost like some people read your comments.
Yes, its almost exactly like that ;) Just to tease you all: clicky.
You know the problems people had with the upfronts version? All been addressed.

Does that include the "problem" of it not yet being January so we can see the entire episode?

Just to tease you all: clicky.

Hrm. Yeah, I think I will just say that.

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Just to tease you all: clicky.

Wow, Eliza is shiny!

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I still think they should release a .zip of assets and invite people to make their own trailers. But then again, I don't live in the real world.
Thanks, zeitgeist, you tease. I think if Eliza's eyes were any bigger she would look like one of those Keane children (you remember the nightmares you had after you saw those, right, z?)

She is truly something.

*waits patiently and (still) feverishly.*

I'm home sick while my peepses are out playing, but there is an upside, isn't there? I get to see these things as they happen.

*hopes for an mp4 so she can dl to have and hold for her own.*

What? I'm a hoarder with lots of storage, and I like having my own copy...

*Kinda hopes that's not the final logo.*

The mirror/Rorschach part is cool, but I'm pretty sure the type hasn't been worked out yet. I'll shut up now.

(Actually, b!X, I thought that was a great idea. And it would be a contesty-way to get people interested. But I imagine in this world there's issues of control and rights, huh?)

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So, what's the discussion here? I kinda' lost track.
*Kinda hopes that's not the final logo.*

Yeah that's why I left it at "hrm".

But I imagine in this world there's issues of control and rights, huh?

Well, there was a poster contest for Terminator:SCC. It required you only use the assets they provided and nothing else. So as long as they only distributed things they had rights to, it wouldn't matter.

(Of course, people would still end up also producing versions that used whatever stuff they had at hand, but FOX could just ignore those because it's simply not something they or anyone else could control.)

Maybe we should just push for some video or graphic assets for Dr. Horrible (since that's independent) to be released so we can create our own trailers or posters for that. ;)
I'm so glad Channel 7 didn't get this in Australia. Channel 10 has been quite good for genre shows in the past; I could see them perhaps pairing it with something like Supernatural.
Madhatter, we're waiting for the new and improved Dollhouse trailer :D
Sorry I left out the "r".
Yes, but will Ten take a leaf out of Seven's (Heroes, Lost) book and broadcast Dollhouse in a timely fashion for those of us who don't like downloading TV shows, but have to to avoid being spoiled by the masses on the interwebs?
gem, Channel 10 is just as bad. The only thing that redeems them (to an extent) is that instead of ditching shows or shafting them to the graveyard shift, nowadays they shaft them to their HD channel, kind of like they've done with Journeyman, BSG, Torchwood and Veronica Mars. Which means, if they mishandle Dollhouse, I'll end up buying an HD TV.
The First Weevil, sad to say, I wouldn't count on it. Dollhouse starts, I believe, in January, during the non-rating period in Australia. There's no way any Australian network is going to start airing a promising show from January.
Eliza looks very retro-like and glossy. Dollhouse would probably air on Ten after the Summer season in March 2009 or as has happened before with Supernatural, it'll possibly be streamed from the US pretty much as soon as it hits the air there. Still too long to wait, as I kinda want it like, nowish!
"Well, there was a poster contest for Terminator:SCC. It required you only use the assets they provided and nothing else."

Yup, I downloaded the stuff, but didn't make one; I remember lexi's. And Battlestar Galactica/SciFi had a (somewhat restrictive) campaign last year where you could get their official stuff and make a vid - dunno how that worked out.

"Maybe we should just push for some video or graphic assets for Dr. Horrible (since that's independent) to be released so we can create our own trailers or posters for that. ;)'

Yeah... I made a faux tee for it - you might have seen it. I dunno who Joss will be having - or be able to have - to promote it, but a Dr. Horrible promotional poster/tee/video/whatever contest is an ideal opportunity to enlist fan support in a way that's fun, useful and free of the Taint of Cheese, imo.
These Sarah Connor Chronicles posters are so cool!
This is so awesome! Although channel 10 treated Veronica like crap after like 4 episodes.. >.>
But still happy, hope they air it January with America
Wow, QuoterGal and 'Bix, you guys did an amazing job! Very shiny!

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Don't know how to edit yet

Click "[ edit ]" on your comment.
Now, if only the BBC would pick it up in the UK, like they did with Buffy.

I don't know if anyone else thinks Dollhouse on the BBC would be a good idea, but if you do.. maybe there's something we could do about it. The BBC does exist for the license payer after all, if enough license payers want a specific programme . . .

One can dream.

(ETA: From my personal experience, I view that 6-8pm slot on BBC Two as the glory days of television, because it's what I remember most from when I was younger. It's had the Simpsons, Buffy, BSG, Dr Who, Farscape, some Star Treks, generally just good shows.)

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Thanks 'Bix! Artistic as well as helpful with the technology thingy's! Yays!
I'm SO chuffed Channel 10 have picked this up early. It's very, very good news. (And hopefully means they're re-focusing away from the 'reality' genre since they have Idol/Loser/SYTYCD AND BB!)

Since they're quite good at getting 'international' celebs for promos, I can sniff an Eliza promotional tour coming up.

Which could be con-tastic!
Excellent news on CanWest picking it up! Hopefully it'll air on Global and this way there won't be any conflict with 24 or Heroes. :D
Whilst I agree that Ch 7 screw over genre shows, to be honest, I don't think Ch 10 does a much better job. Look what they did to Torchwood and Jericho. Aussie channels simply put, do not treat genre shows well. Supernatural being, I feel, the one expemption to that claim, although I guess Charmed was treated fairly well by Ch 10 also.
Well, b!X, I never saw your SCC poster until today, but it did turn out quite striking.

"But anyway, looking again at this logo here, it strikes me as advertising a show about twins involved in a 70s swingers community. (Well, okay, maybe early 80s.)"

Like an updated & swinging Patty Duke show? Hee.

First thing I thought of was this AbFab thingy. But now I'm truly gonna shut up about it, because I know in my soul this is not the final logo, so there's no point. Joss has always worked with very talented graphic designers and illustrators, and he will for Dollhouse, too.

And thanks, Jossaholic, but any kudos go to the person who designed the original Dr. Horrible poster - I just grabbed a quote from Joss and slapped on some type.

(And not to keep going on about it, but I think I really am pretty sick, and I don't think I can wait any longer for the new trailer - have to try and get some sleep... it'll all be there waiting for me when I return, so it's all good. Enjoy, all.)

Edited to add: I see it's up now and it looks very shiny indeed. I'll comment later...

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The First Weevil, sad to say, I wouldn't count on it. Dollhouse starts, I believe, in January, during the non-rating period in Australia. There's no way any Australian network is going to start airing a promising show from January.

Well... Ten has, on occasion, started some shows in the last week of January - to get a head start on other channels. They did that with Supernatural (one year). They might do that with Dollhouse depending when it begins in the US... Two or three weeks behind shouldn't bother too many people. It's the two or three or six months behind that gets annoying.

*thinks Dollhouse would be perfectly paired with Supernatural* A sprinkling of SN eps fast-tracked later this year, and then the rest all next year to pair with DH... provided there isn't another strike. ;)
Braeden Fireheart, thank you for pointing it out, I obviously wasn't paying attention. :)
Channel 10 sucks. They've been ok with Supernatural but if a show doesn't rate well from the get-go it's basically scrapped. I'm not sure where all the hate for Channel 7 comes from? Sure Buffy was in the 10:30 timeslot but it was always treated right. They kept showing it every year, they advertised it, they gave it the big send off it deserved and always seemed very proud of having Buffy on their channel. I'd have liked them to pick up Dollhouse instead.
Global (Canwest) has already shown about a minute of the trailer, so ya, they're the Canadian broadcaster.
Vampmogs, I wouldn't necessarily agree Ch7 treated Buffy as well as it deserved. Some years it began airing months into the ratings year (despite being already 6 months behind the US) although Season 7 began relatively early if I recall correctly. Angel was treated even worse, and Firefly ended up pushing past midnight, out of order and constantly changing timeslot.

They've been ok with Supernatural but if a show doesn't rate well from the get-go it's basically scrapped.

That's probably true of all three networks, though. I do agree with you that comparing Ch7 and Ch10 is really splitting hairs. I was just pleased as Ten's demographic seems like a better fit for this show.
nutterbudgie so long as they don't push it over to CH (or E! is it called now?) - the awful Ryan Seacrest overloaded channel anyway. His "we'll be back after your local messages" was the worst part of watching Bionic Woman- which says something. ;) If Global airs Dollhouse 24 and Heroes they'll have to push something to the later timeslot, a different day or to the other channel, and Dollhouse being the newbie is the likely target.
I really really hope Sky One picks it up here in the UK. With Sky One picking it up we would most likely get the episodes within a week of them showing in the States. Any other channel, we'd be behind by months. Plus Sky One had Buffy, Angel and Tru Calling back in the day and they still air them today. Also they have some of the best US imports including Lost, 24, Bones, BSG, Weeds, and so on. I think Sky One would be the perfect place for Dollhouse

MattK I would hate for the BBC to pick it up, look how far behind they are with Heroes and Medium. I'd hate to be that far behind the States with Dollhouse

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I can't get Sky One, so I hope they don't get it.
I also hope Sky One doesn't buy it, I only have freeview- let a terrestrial channel buy it lol Channel four maybe?
I'm feeling a bit like a broken record saying this again, but honestly I'm just trying to get in on the discussion not trying to be repetative.

My ideal UK channel would be Virgin 1. Freeview, +1 channel and not too far behind the US with the possibility of then selling on to the BBC for an even bigger audience. I think Sky One is the most likely buyer. I haven't got it and it costs quite a bit to get (which would obviously be part of their appeal in getting Dollhouse as it'd force more people to get Sky). If it does go there I hope that the BBC do buy it afterwards so that there is a chance more people in the UK will get to see it (SCC got around 0.6 on Virgin 1, Buffy got around 0.8 on Sky - neither of which are going to mean the Radio Times cover we all dream of).

The chances of the BBC buying and showing first in the UK at around the same time as the US are zero. They pick up US shows that are middlingly (yes, it's a word) popular, and ones that have already shown on digital months before but something like Dollhouse that is likely to attract interest from various channels (and carry a hefty price) they will stay away from on first showing as the majority of their budget has to go on home-made shows. ITV have started buying US shows fairly recently but they also air them a while after the US and love to cut out episodes/air them at different times/late at night. It isn't a Channel 4/E4 kind of show unfortunately and although Five dabbled with Buffy, Angel, Alias, Dark Angel etc. they seem to have found their niche with endless cop shows so I'm not sure it'd appeal to them either.

Sorry to be so pessimistic! I'm just preparing myself for the worst.
I'm hoping either Channel 4 or BBC will buy Dollhouse in the UK. I don't have anything like Sky or Virgin Media so I'd prefer a terrestrial channel. I agree that it isn't necessarily a Channel 4/E4 type of show, but that might change.

They seem to specialise in showing a lot of the popular American dramas like Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters and (for the first two seasons) Lost on weekday evenings, so if Dollhouse is popular enough in the US I can easily envisage C4 wanting to pick it up because we are seeing a lot of genre shows starting to be accepted by the mainstream. And I have also noticed that a lot of their most advertised and supported series are quite female oriented, often with a female lead character (like Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty) so the fact that Dollhouse has Eliza leading the cast might be a good sign.

They are also willing to put in huge bids for some of these series (for example they paid a colossal sum to wrest The Simpsons from BBC2). The biggest advantage of Channel 4 is that they would probably be able to show episodes with the smallest delay between the US and UK, as I know that there have been instances where there have been shown only a week later.

I could also see BBC2 as an option. Heroes currently sits on a 9PM Wednesday slot, I definitely think they could attract at least the same size of audience with enough marketing and the right timeslot. The amazing popularity of Dr Who and Torchwood has probably aleretd the BBC to the fact that there is a market for genre TV and hopefully that will extend to purchasing more US dramas like Dollhouse. The mmajor advantage to the BBC buying it is that there wouldn't be any adverts which would be a big plus, although I think being able to see the episodes earlier would probably make Channel 4 my preference.

I wouldn't even be surprised to see ITV pick it up as they also seem to be trying to secure more American series as C4 have, with Dexter and Pushing Daisies being two fairly recent acquisitions, and again examples of slightly offbeat shows that Dollhouse might compliment.

Although I have to say sometimes UK TV really mystifies me. Some of the most critically acclaimed shows like The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Arrested Development, Mad Men and the massively popular 24 have been buried in graveyard slots almost immediately after being first shown, and I just can't work out why because I don't seen why a lot of them couldn't get a decent audience at 9 or 10PM. I'd love to know exactly why they acquire these series only to show them so late at night and with no promotion. Is it actually a case of no channel really wanting some of them because they are so niche and less likely to pull in an audience, so they get picked up comparitively cheaply? Or are they satisfied with how the shows perform even when given a graveyard slot?

One show I think the BBC should seriously reconsider (since they've only shown up to the 3rd series) is The Apprentice US. The UK version is hugely popular over here so I don't see why they couldn't show the US version a few months apart with the same timeslot and similar marketing.
I agree that if it becomes popular in the US Channel 4 might want it. But as is evidenced by this thread, shows get picked up before they're even aired in the US and I just don't see C4 bidding more than Sky One on a show they would see as a gamble.
I think Virgin One might surprise everyone and grab it. They did get Chuck and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
I'd hope you're right Simon.

Anyone think the fact that Dollhouse is both Fox produced and distributed will give Sky a leg up?
Anyone but ITV please. Sky One has a lot of adverts, but they did well with Buffy as far as I can remember. BBC would be fantastic just because there would be no adverts but they do take months to air shows (not that this would affect me because... cough... but I would still be watching when it airs on TV).

Virgin 1 would be great, that Channel's doing really well. And it has lots of Buffy repeats. Yay!

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