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May 18 2008

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion in Desperate Housewives Season Finale on Sunday. Article contains the words bloody, gun, sinister, creepy, tragedies. Sounds like a perfect episode for Nathan.

And Nathan .
Two-hour Season Finale (Sunday, 9 p.m. ET/PT).

I like "Desperate Housewives" again. It has always been my guilty pleasure since the first season ended, but this season was actually quite good. I'm looking forwards to see how it ends.

I hope Nathan survives, even if he won't return next year.
The man has been getting in shape for those Desperate Housewives and they still haven't taken his shirt off yet.

No matter what happens Sunday, like Lost, there is always the possibility of flashbacks. A sexy dream sequence. Please. It is not like he has to fly to Hawaii.
I'm hoping for lots of funny Nathan Fillion DVD extras.
and darn LOST--since Kate is back mainland--even stood trial-not to mention the publiciity the Oceanic 6 recieved-where IS her husband
. . .
All I can say is "Thank gawd!" I don't have to watch anymore Housewives after Sunday night AND I still get to have Nathan on my tv in the fall (please, oh please, let his pilot be great). Can I get a "Hell Yeah!"
I quite like Desperate Housewives. A good guilty pleasure kind of show. Particularly the finales, they're usually so rediculously OTT its entertaining.
Rivergirl- I was thinking the same dang thing.
mongorules, his pilot (Castle) was not picked up so there is no way it will air in the fall. ABC has already announced its fall schedule and Nathan isn't anywhere on it unless he stays on DH (which is a highly entertaining show which many enjoy).

Maybe Castle is being considered for midseason, but that is an extreme longshot since their was no mention of it last week by anyone.

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I think Kevin is on the island and is part of the smoke monster. It could happen on LOST. Still hoping for a Sawyer flashback because of Tampa fugitives and what Higgs said to Sawyer.

This DH article doesn't actually reveal who is going to die. I don't think Caleb is going to show up though and kill everyone.
TamaraC, Futon critic mentioned "Castle" in a bulletin on May 13th, so there might be hope.

Here's the relevant mention:

-- ABC still has 17 pilots under consideration for midseason. McPherson detailed the projects during the actual presentation, which include eight comedies and nine dramas. They are "Bad Mother's Handbook," "Five Year Plan," "Never Better," "Roman's Empire," "This Might Hurt," "Fourplay" (previously "Untitled Kohan/Mutchnick Project"), "Single With Parents" (previously "My Brother's Hot (And Other Dilemmas)" and "In the Motherhood" on the comedy front and "Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas," "Castle," "Cupid," "Finnegan," "Good Behavior," "Prince of Motor City," "Untitled David Hemingson Project," "The Unusuals" and "Section 8" on the drama side. All except "Motherhood" were previously announced.

-Should this be a seperate post? Not wanting to hijack the thread...

-Edited for spelling/grammar

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All I can think of when I think about Fillion and his career is: when are Scorsese/the Coens/either Anderson/Lumet/Burton or some other director with vision going to cast him in a major film.

I read several months ago his accounting of working with Spielberg in Saving Private Ryan. I finally found a clip because I didn't remember it from when the film first came out. What an impact he makes in one short scene. Always I hope for him the opportunities he deserves.

Yeah, 4 of those will be picked up and since two of the dramas are from Rob Thomas, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Castle has a 99% chance of going nowhere in 2008/2009. Better luck next time, Nathan. You deserve a good show.
Thanks for stopping!
TamaraC, you sure know how to bum a girl out! LOL

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.
Well, at least Nathan got off of Desperate Housewives "Alive" lol. Allows him a window to come back, if they want him again.

Great "Beaten up" makeup job, too! :)
That was good.

If you missed Nathan on the Season Finale of Desperate Housewives, you can watch it on tomorrow or soon.
Oh wow, I'm glad I didn't miss this! I've never loved 'Desperate Housewives', only watching it this year for Nathan, and I thought his part ended weeks ago. But it was awesome seeing him all heroic and tortured (again).
So what do you think? Nods to Firefly episode: War Stories and Drive?

Remember how Nathan's Lost episode was a nod to Our Mrs. Reynolds.
mongorules, it is a gift. :)

Anonymous1, Nathan has built up a nice resume of getting beat up, but I wouldn't read more into than that. I seriously doubt that Marc Cherry watched either show. And the nod to Mrs. Reynolds is also a leap.

Do you people see Firefly references behind every bush? Is there a medication for that?
No need to insult.
No insult, just a question. It seems quite craxie to see Firefly references 6 years after the show was canceled.
Poor Nathan, you just know from reading this article he is going to get the crap beat out of him... at least he can take a hit.

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