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May 18 2008

NPR's Fictional Profiles: Holden, Buffy & Bugs. NPR's "In Character" is profiling 50 or so fictional characters; our girl is one of them.

From the article:

Baghdad correspondent Jamie Tarabay is working on a story about how Buffy the Vampire Slayer saved her life, providing just the relief NPR's war reporters needed after long days covering the tragedies of human conflict.

Sounds cool.

Wanna hear something funny? When I first saw the title, my mind automatically went, "Holden Webster? 'Conversations with Dead People'? I love Jonathan M. Woodward! Yay!" and not Catcher in the Rye. Oh, Buffy. You've taken over my life.
I have heard some of these and hoped that they would do Buffy.
Yeah, when I heard one done by South Park's Cartman I instantly thought of Buffy. The cool thing about Cartman is that they actually interviewed him (or got his voice actor on the show). I wonder if SMG is willing to do a quick guest spot...?
Wow, this is beyond awesome.

And Lirazel, I had the same reaction -- I immediately thought of Jonathan M. Woodward as well.
From the start, "In Character" was intended to cover culture both high and low...

Buffy's high culture, right?
jcs: Buffy's high culture, right?

Absolutely. I tell people that Buffy is art, and art of a high order. Great literature that happens to be a TV program.

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Wanna hear something funny? When I first saw the title, my mind automatically went, "Holden Webster? 'Conversations with Dead People'? I love Jonathan M. Woodward! Yay!"

I thought exactly the same thing. LOL!
LOL that you guys thought Holden from CWDP. I guess i've been an English major too long and Holden Caulfield was an automatic thought :P
My first thought was "Which Whedonverse character was Bugs?" :D Hahaha

Awesome, they did a segment on Cookie Monster!
More embarrassingly, I thought "Buffy, Jonny Woodward and that guy who was made of bugs who tried to sell Cordy makeup... why'd they do HIM?!?!" Sigh...
Wow, NPR Baghdad correspondent Jaimie Tarabay. That is going to be riveting! (And she has a great voice!) I hope the Joss man is listening and gets her a walk on in Season 8.
Buffy, high brow or low? For me, the beauty always was that it managed to be both, and often at the same time.
I heard a rumor the Buffy character will be played tomorrow (5/19) on All Things Condsidered. Can anybody verify that? Can any insiders find out what segment they will air it?
Sounds great. I think Buffy's got low culture's lack of pretentions and uses high culture's themes. Will it be available over the net?
Yes, if you follow the above link they've got everything they've done so far available online. The piece on Buffy should be up there whenever they air it. Keep your ears open and let us know.
As I was driving home from work I heard an ad on NPR that the Buffy segment will be on tomorrow morning (May 19th) on the Morning Edition program. On Southern California's KPCC, it airs 2am to 9am PST.

I have no idea what time(s) during the segment it will air. My guess is they will replay it several times during that 7 hour window.

edit: ok, I was crazy and stayed up to hear it. It started airing at 3:51 and lasted until 3:58. It was basically the reporter talking about the parallels between her life in Baghdad and Buffy's in Sunnydale. Pretty cool, but now I'm ready for bed.

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