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May 18 2008

Bringing back memories. I stumbled upon a video from the wrapping of the 1992 "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" movie. Joss speaks briefly (but truthfully) at the end of the clip.

Also appearing are Kristy Swanson, Rutger Hauer and many others.

Many a true word said in jest :).
"It was funny when I wrote it!"

Joss was so young at the time, and he already had an amazing way of seeing things.

I admit it, I used to like the Buffy movie when I was like 9 or 10, but that was way before I knew there was a TV show.
Great Golly, Miss Molly!!! And already has the patented Jossian humor working for him. I know the thing was pretty much a debacle for Joss, but there are moments in the film that work for me, and I like to think and hope that was all due to him and not any changes that were made (none of which had to do with D.S.) to his script.

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Yes, I actually just said lol.

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Don't blame the movie. It had Kristy Swanson in it so who needs a storyline anyway! ;-)

Any comment on Joss's wardrobe?! I mean the hair is bad but panty-jeans (or what ever you call THAT trousers) ... even worse!!!

But i think a god can wear anything...maybe.
I don't think Joss is God. In fact, he's somebody who was dressing to make me look fashionable. Hooray!
Having viewed that I have to conclude that Joss' early influences include New Kids On The Block.

Either that or he was applying to join them right after, presuming his writing career had effectively been murdered.
NKOTB Exactly!

I wonder if he still knows the moves! :-D

And this gives a whole new perspective on the musical. 'Under your spell' - the great duet between Gary and Robby ... awesome!
That video gave me motion sickness.
Ha, that was neat. Like being transported back to the early nineties! In somebody's basement. And a young Joss, completely unaware that he would become an international superstar! Aw.

Also, I kept expecting the set to be terrorized by a giant monster.
Funny. The Joss five seconds, that is.
Sorta off topic but Kelloggs is offering the Buffy movie with 5 box tops (with other movie choices). Bargain ... if you like cornflakes.
I still think Kristy Swanson is terribly underrated.
It's like one of those old movies my mom used to tape running after us as kids! *suddenly feels old*

Joss does have the last laugh. Grrr Arrgghh. Wait, is that a laugh?

I am stopping myself from making a very girly squeal at how adorably geeky Joss was in this video. The shorts and the hair and that smile!
Oh yes she is ... i saw the playboy-shots :-D

Seriously, her movies are quite fun. "The Chase" is pure art. to do almost a whole movie just inside a car is so great!!!
The thing is she never did a successful 'serious' movie.
Awwww, Joss was (still is, and forever will be) so cute! What a fun little 5 seconds of video on him!
Holy booty short jeans Buffy!
yay my first post!
Joss: I'll be hitting on you later!

Suh-what??? Who knew Joss could be so swayve and daboner. ;-)
It WAS funny when he wrote it! Anyone who hasn't already should find the original script online somewhere. Like or something like that.
It's like when Will and Grace did those 80s flashbacks.
I still like the movie. It played a very important part in my childhood, and is one of the reasons (maybe even the biggest) that I never got why a female hero was thought of as weird or unbelievable. That, and it got me into one of my favorite musicians ever. So, win-win for me!

That said, I'm glad Joss got to do with Buffy what he wanted later on. ESPECIALLY seasons two and three!
Well the end was well worth the l-o-o-ng beginning and middle. Wonder who he was planning on hitting on? Love the hair!
What a cutie-patootie!
I know we all want to forget what we were wearing in the early nineties, but Joss's outfit and hair would have been considered quite fashionable in those long ago days (I know, I'm shuddering inside too...)
That's the third strangest video I've seen today.
That was great.

Also loved the Rutger Hauer's expression after the cameraman asked if he was happy. He looks so pissed off.
Oh gosh, Joss is so cute!!

Good find.
Nice ensemble. What a homeless.
I kid, I kid.

The video proves that Joss has been incapable of opening his mouth and coming out with something not unbelievably poignant or funny since he was the frontman for New Kids on the Block.

I have to sheepishly agree with those above that I loved the Buffy movie as a kid. Loved it. I didn't see it when it came out (I was 6), but my friends and I used to rent it for slumber parties often enough my parents finally bought the VHS because it was more cost-effective.
You can see future BtVS shining through - google the script and you'll find directions like "Pike is long and lean, has short hair spiked and a taste for long coats and black." Familiar much?
It's an altogether different animal than the series, and let's face it, an inferior one, but it isn't without merit.
When I grow up, I want to be just like Joss. His wit and genius were ever present even in the early days.
Hee hee hee. Joss was totally adorkable.
I have to admit I still haven't seen this film. I've read the script, which is indeed funny and altogether good, but I'm just scared of the movie ruining my experience of the screenplay. I probably should watch it though.

And I disagree with those who diss on Joss's rags. Dude had some serious style even back then.

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And now I'm reminded of:

"I wanna learn from you [...] But I don't want to dress like you."

Buffy quotes, good for any situation. (And yes, he does look darn cute).
This puts a new perspective on Buffy's NKOTB poster .
Ah, that was great (the Jossy end, that is; I didn't watch most of what happened before that).

I was eleven years old when I first saw the Buffy movie, and I absolutely hated it. Luckily, right after, FX played "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and I was hooked. I didn't have to wait years for vindication like Joss did!

And Dan Corson, what musician did it get you into?
Well, that was laconic. I was expecting a full on rant. I've only ever seen the movie once as a rerun on TV. I'm gonna go hunt down an early draft of the script, nothing Joss writes could ever be entirely without merit.
I had no idea Joss was one of the Thompson Twins!
Joss, what the hell were you wearing? Are those cuffed jean shorts?

If you want to read "the script", read Dark Horse's "Buffy: Origin", republished in Omnibus Volume 1, which ostensibly is a faithful adaptation of the script and received the gloss of canon status from Joss after it was written.
I wonder if Joss has ever seen this...
Would be nice to see a purple post about this video!
*...sits and wait for Joss to come defend early 90's fashion...*
What? You guys haven't seen the picture of past-shoulder-length frizzy hair Dead head Joss? No, I don't have a link. Early 90s is nothin'.
Try this.

Saje mentioned that purty Joss-photo just the other day, so I could lay my hands on it fast. Ain't it the bee's knees?

You know you're getting older when someone says "long ago in 1992" and you think "wasn't that just a few years ago?" Old and apparently starting to have reasoning and memory issues... ; >

Joss certainly is a cutie - then and now.

(I'm feeling a little better and my temp's gone down; I know you were all waiting breathlessly to hear that.)

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I'm going to have to go with swanjun's "adorkable."

There's nothing like life in the public eye.
UnpluggedCrazy Wrote:
And Dan Corson, what musician did it get you into?
The great Matthew Sweet. I have yet to hear anything by him that is anything less than great!
Glad to hear you're better QG, but no, that's not it. I think I saw it in that biography. I mean freak long.
Hahahahahahha! That is awesome. Great pickup GMO!
It WAS funny when he wrote it! Anyone who hasn't already should find the original script online somewhere. Like or something like that.

Here you go: Original Buffy Movie Script.
He he, Rutger Hauer really is pissed off there. So far as I could hear it he said to the camera man *rough translation of Haal je lekker op* which kinda means, doesn't this make you feel big.
Doesn't make him sound that nice though, although who would know besides people that know dutch ;).
Don't listen to KingofCretins. The Origin comic book is very abbreviated and not nearly as fun to read as the original screenplay.
Heck, Quotergal, I think the 80's were recent. Then I look at my grown-up kids (who helped introduce me to Buffy) and I think, maybe not so much.

There are things I like in the movie. PeeWee, of course, and the 90210 guy was cute. Kristy Swanson is booked for the Hobbystar convention in Toronto in August. I call her the proto-Buffy.
I spy an Ogilvie home perm!
Fast-forwarded through the whole thing just to see Joss' few seconds. Hee!

I loved his "I'll be hitting on you later" warning. Always nice to give a girl a heads-up.
What a shame it's been taken down.

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