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May 18 2008

(SPOILER) Bones season finale Monday night. Nice visit to the set of Bones while they were shooting the season finale which airs tomorrow night. There are spoilers here.

Booth better not die, that's all I have to say. This week has killed me with the waiting.
This is a spoiler - don't read if you don't want to know

it's pretty simple, really. Question relating to spoiler:

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David was on The Late Late Show last Thursday. BtVS is only mentioned in passing when he told Craig he was turning 28 the next day (May 16th) and Craig asked if he started the vampire show when he was 4. (David actually turned 39.) David said he started BtVSwhen he was2, right after he started walking. :D There's a really funny bit about moisterizer. And Boney-O. And -- well, the whole darned thing is funny! The full interview, with one of the best scenes from last week's episode, is on YouTube.
It's not quite that simple Caf...

cabri - I thought David and Craig were hilarious. But they shouldn't be allowed to spend too much time together 'cause of Craig's 'man crush' :)
Well, you can't really blame him for that, what with all David's moisturizing... ;)
I love DB. And Bones. Although it's not as good as Boney-O's. Tonight is going to ROCK!
We finish this episode that we're shooting now, which is the season finale. Then we shoot four more episodes, which will air after the two-parter that we shoot after that, at the end of June and then we go back and start shooting again for episodes that go... one episode goes before those four -- are you confused yet?

Bones was filming, last week, down the street from my house in Simi Valley. I knew the finale had to be in the can so I wasn't sure why they were still filming. This clears it up. Kinda.
I don't get home from work until 8 central, which means I have to wait a day to see Bones.

Not happy! Sad, yes, I believe sad is the appropriate word.
I already miss Zach...
I have fluctuating and off-kilter feelings about this episode. I already miss Zach, too, and I'm not sure he was taken out honestly. It's always seemed to me that Zach was portrayed as having Aspergers (spell-check tells me I didn't spell that right, but fuck it, I don't have a disorder that requires me to be right all the time ;)) The moment between him and Brennan, where she realizes why he's guilty was really touching. But why he would actually get to be guilty is not clear at all. The "weak personality" stuff and the logic stuff are both bullshit.
I was heart-broken about Zach. At first, I thought I called it. Then the explosive. And then the hit that he was guilty.

dreamlogic, they're calling him guilty for killing the receptionist- Zach stabbed him in the heart.

I sort of understand the "weak personality" crap. Of the group, including Brennan, he seemed to lack a true understanding of relationships. I just finished Season 2 (haven't seen all of 1 or 3... working on it) and Zach was the only one I didn't see romantically involved with anyone. He was robotish. At S2's finale, it seemed that they were going to get rid of him then, but decided to tie him in to the climax of S3 (so they brought him back).

And, of course, they make it so his "hands will never be the same". He's not on the roster for S4's Bones; I don't think he's coming back. *tear* A waste of an opportunity.

I wonder, though, how much the writer's strike impacted this decision on the finale. There were bits and pieces that were "tweaked" to make the story fit, and I wonder if Zach was always the accomplice, or a last minute decision. Any thoughts?
I thought I had heard at the end of last year that Zack's job in Iraq was supposed to play into this season somehow. I'm wondering if with the writers' strike that storyline got cut and with it a better understanding of how he got to this point.
I just watched it now on-line because I took my son yesterday to MONDAY NIGHT RAW (I sacrificed Bones for that experience!) I was deeply disturbed by the episode and (to answer korkster) I personally believe it was a long-standing decision. The character/actor whatever just wasn't quite as sexy as the rest of them. He needed to be nixed and they took full advantage to do it in the context of a cool story. I was really disturbed by it. As a fan it hurts me becuase I "get it" intellectually, but emotionally I object. I don't know if this was coincidence - and I don't want to inject a spoiler here on the offchance anyone is even reading my rantings, but I found the particular comment of Bones to the "3rd best" medical student appropo. That's the message exactly: Less than the best equals nothing. That's the message I got from this episode as a hard-core fan of Bones. I was deeply disappointed and sick inside. I don't think the writers strike had anything to do it.
Me too with the just-now, on-line watching, and just want to say that it was an outstanding season finale.
shicks, I get it. I don't like it, but I get it. A problem I see with ax-ing Zach is that it creates a "couple" environment: Angela & Hodgins, Booth & Bones, (plus Cam & Sweets). What make Zach & Bones work is that they both are disconnected from the world in a fashion. If they can allow Bones to grow, why not Zach?

I too, was sick. It was a nice twist, but overall, I don't think it closes Zach off nice enough. They could have done a better job. The Iraq-occurance-mentioning would have helped, but I read somewhere that they didn't get into it like planned.

Without that piece, I truly don't think Zach would have betrayed his friends (lied) and killed a person for the "more logical path". He's shown enough moral fiber and loyalty in S1 & S2 to make that a stretch.

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