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May 18 2008

"The Circuit" starring Michelle Trachtenberg airs on ABC Family on June 8th.

Why do I get the feeling that MT isn't the greatest driver in real life?
I haven't seen any suggestion that shes a bad driver. Now Britney on the other hand...
stevekaw said:

Why do I get the feeling that MT isn't the greatest driver in real life?

Maybe couse you saw that Punk’d episode with her?

(Sorry, I try to find it in youtube but it’s not more there.)
I believe “websodes already was used by
Galactica , but not so sure.
Oww, Dammit!
How can I delete/edit a post?
This secondo one was for another tread.
I have heard about this movie. It was filmed, in all places, Halifax. Too bad Ellen Page couldn't have been added as a mechanic, since she lives there. Anywho, it looks like the old story of the racing son who's now a rival to the father, whose driving skills are fading, but with the obvious twist. Although the recent success of Danica Patrick may pull in viewers, does anyone think MT may look a bit young to be racing? In any case, I will check this out.
Re the "Young" thing, I remember a few years ago there was a Formula 1 driver who could not rent a car drom Hertz because he was under twenty one. He could drive a multi million pound F1 car at 200 mph but couldn't be trusted with a Ford Focus.
Looks better than Lindsay Lohan's "Herbie".

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