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May 18 2008

Dr. Horrible gets an Internet Movie Database page.

It's listed as a TV series.... interesting!
floofypooh, the inaccuracy of imdb is legendary. This is just one more in a long list of erroneous entries. Reading anything more into it being listed as a TV series is just plain naive and silly.
You'll note "The Guild" is also regarded as a TV show. Perhaps this is the closest they have since web serieseseses are ridiculously new (and still pretty rare when they are worth cataloging). So give the poor old imdb a break. It was inaccurate a LONG time before Wikipedia was!
Wow, TamaraC, you sure read a lot into my "interesting" comment! I am fully aware of imdb's legendary inaccuracies and I don't consider myself naive (although at times I have been told that I am silly.) I had been thinking that imdb either did not know any better, or hadn't gotten around to creating an "internet musical" category. :^)

In retrospect, instead of typing "interesting" I should have typed "amusing."
Amusing would have been a word subject to much less misunderstanding.
I don't think "interesting" meant anything other than interesting - my own thoughts on reading that comment were "yeah, interesting, I wonder how long it will be before IMDB starts up a section for the future of entertainment" "webisodes" for want of a better word are going to start becoming more and more popular and IMDB will eventually have to create a new section. I didn't think for a second that anyone was suggesting Dr H would become a tv series - I think people deserve a little more credit here and I don't think we should have to think for an hour about the best single word to use in case one person might misinterpret it

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Thanks, Beth'll! I also was wondering what the new term for internet entertainment would be - webisodes, internet series, web series... has there been a word or phrase coined for this yet? Any suggestions?

'Sanctuary' is also down as a TV show though, confusingly, it is one (now). Is that IMDB being prescient or are they just the proverbial stopped clock ?
It is of interest to me as well that they list it as a tv show. I also expect it may be one of those "what is this new media you speak of?" kind of things.
I believe “websodes” already was used by Galactica , but not so sure.
What, no pictures yet?
"Webisode" is commonly used to refer to an episode made specifically for the web. It is also being incorrectly used by some coughfeliciacough to refer to whole series. :)

A series is made up of up episodes (of which webisodes are sometimes a subset).
A web series is made up of webisodes.

Personally, I think it's a good thing to continue using something generic like "web series" rather than coming up with a snazzy catch phrase, since the line between traditional series and new media series is likely to become more and more blurred over the coming years.

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