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May 19 2008

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog almost done says Joss. He tells SciFi Wire "we're literally just finishing it". Looks like it could get released on DVD.

I really, really hope this is released, in any format, with closed captioning. Not just for the deaf, but for everyone to sing along with!

As to what may have caused the happies 7 years ago- I'm sure it's pure coinky-dink, but on the 15th May it was 7 years exactly since Numfar did the Dance of Shame!
This is really exciting!

The Dance of Shame is fun coincidence. My best guess at what he was referring to, musical theme in mind, is that in the fall it will be seven years since OMWF first aired.
I knew someone would figure out what the seven years refered to :-)
yes please release it on DVD, Joss.

Not all of us are so computer savy (nor have the speed) to play shows on the computer
Yay! I am so proud! The Strawberry Blonde Auteur is making sure that the creatives get paid! Changing the world for the better, once musical production number at a time! Wow, this is good coffee!
Lotta Strawberry in that Blonde ;).

(and OT but it's cool to see that Saul Rubinek has been cast in 'Warehouse 13')
missb said:

I really, really hope this is released, in any format, with closed captioning. Not just for the deaf, but for everyone to sing along with!

And it gets a very good plus - As my English is terrible I'll could understand the lyrics much more easily :)
I really, really hope this will eventually be released on DVD.
I'm ready to pre-order the DVD! I will give it to everyone I know for Christmas (hey, they won't even be surprised... they have all gotten Firefly and Serenity DVDs in the past!).
Where do I pre-order my copies?
I assume a DVD release would have to be through a non AMPTP company, seeing as this was written during the writers' strike and all.
I really hope when it's released it is encumbered by DRM. It does nothing to stop piracy, but is a real pain for people who've actually purchased the content.

(DRM, for the uninitiated, stands for Digital Rights Management, and is something invented by people who don't understand the Internet and who want to lock you out of the content you bought in the hopes that one day you'll be forced to buy it again. All it ends up doing is making things break when you try to play your files on a different device, like an iPod or a different computer or whatever...)
A thought: karaoke extras. For to sing along with.
I don't know about you all, but the thought of Pointy singing karaoke all alone in his living room ... disturbs me. O.o
I anticipate a nationwide sensation. Possibly involving beer.
I thought we agreed, Pointy, that he was still the Big Purple Dude/His Purpleness so I don't have to learn how to say Auteur?

Yeah, solo karoke parites are a little creepy. That's why we need Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long parites!
I think Pointy's karaoke party sounds awesome.
I'm just an idea dude sharp stick, but there are a lot of karaoke bars in the world, and the title does say sing along.
I'm thinking "Dr. Pointy's Horrible Purple Karaoke Dance Party and Mad Scientist Singalong Rave" performed at lairs worldwide.

It's must-sing karaoke.
I will be there, and I will bring the lightsticks. Whose evil lair is this thing at?
A DVD release would be tres awesome, considering my super-speedy 32kps dial-up connection can totally watch it via the interwebs. Catch the sarcasm, did you? Anyways, yeah, pumped for this like I'm pumped for all things Joss.
The song could be a game level on "Don't Forget the Lyrics!". Love that show. :)
I love me some Joss but a 36 minute DVD? Maybe after he has done a couple more of these. 'Cause he can't stop now!
Well, NPH has said that Joss was preparing a lot of extras and stuff (or did I imagine that?... But I'm pretty sure he did say that), so I think a dvd is almost certain.

I guess Dr. Horrible should be out by late june, or july.... *at least I hope*
Got to support Joss in this effort. I'll buy it any and all forms.

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