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May 19 2008

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for IDW's After The Fall comic books in August. The Angel cover is incredibly good and the Spike one is a fun nod to a previous issue.

Wow-that Angel cover is creepy! And I love the description...simple-and all you need to know:)

Lookin forward to it!
It's a pretty good cover. But, Angel as a vampire? Also, the description says it's written by Joss and Bryan. Is Joss actually writing some dialogue in this? Yay!
I'm not a fan of the 'Angel' cover.

Gunn's looking a bit Mr T-ish and Angel has something (piercing? snot??) on his nose. Seeing Angel and Gunn imposed face to face, in such an aggressive way, actually makes me feel like they're either gonna fight or lock lips. One is my cuppa tea. The other, isn't.

Also, the blurb has now firmly put that blasted 70's song 'Reunited' in my head. Aaarrggghhh- make it go away!
actually makes me feel like they're either gonna fight or lock lips. One is my cuppa tea. The other, isn't.

Well. Both are my cuppa ;) But, never was into Gunn that way. Now Spike and Angel...

Still, I agree, not the biggest fan of this cover (I like the Spike one more). It looks like Angel and Gunn's bumpies melded into each other *snicker* They are literally bumping heads.
Ah, the long tradition of Buffyverse threads derailing into the gutter:-)
I like the Angel cover.Both look good.
Well I like both of these artworks myself. Not sure which one wins out for me. Maybe the Spike one, but only by 'short head'. *g*
Ohh, Angel is a vampire again?! Maybe that is what they mean by reunited? I'm intrigued. And I like this cover, it reminds of Buffy/Faith covers a bit in the Faith arc. And Gunn is shadowing Angel, even starting from Angel-5, so this cover carries a lot of meaning for me.
I saw Spike's cover before and loved it. So, someone took his demon away? And Spike's fighting to rescue her? Maybe that'll explain the smoochies in the next chapter, hmm.
Digging the Spike cover, but not so much the Angel cover. It, somewhat.
The Angel cover isn't bad. Vamped-out Angel? I wonder what that could mean. The Gunn looks a bit off to me.

Otherwise, the Spike cover looks good to me. I've seen it before, I think. The blurb was also nice and informatative.

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