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May 19 2008

SaveHiatus gives Whedonesque some love in this week's strip!

We're intelligent and attractive!

(My first post! Weeee!)

Haha, and this here was the purpose of that strip :)
You know, I'm liking this strip more and more. Especially with the addition of a character named Tess....who is Whedon obsessed...from the Bay Area...

Yes, I'm fully aware she *probably* wasn't based on me ;)
Haha, and this here was the purpose of that strip :)

I kind of feel that way every time it's linked here.
Wow... talk about shameless.

...and absolutely hilarious. I've been loving Save Hiatus since the first time it was linked here. ;-)
I subscribe to the comic and yet, because of the way I read my feeds, I saw it here first this time.

Nice work, boys :-)
That was cool yet spooky, notice how they were all looking at us! It's like they know that we are looking at them ...or it it just me! kidding! Very hilarious-filled! Fab first linkage!

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Hehe, very funny!

*must track down the rest of these strips*
Good stuff, very funny
That was hilarious!
I'd wager you're after this, Mark:

Pretty much every Whedon comic reference ever

Ok, that Seremuppety (#5 on the list) is made of awesome covered awesomeness, with an awesome flavored cherry on top. How have I missed that?
Oh, we are such whores! But really very funny :D
Heh heh heh ... I didn't actually expect the strip to be linked here this time, blatant and shameless as it was! :D But thanks!

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If I reference this site (or Dollhouse or something) in a webcomic or a song or a short film or something, will that get me equal amounts of attention? :P
Referenced in a complimentary fashion along with Fark? That hurts.
Hilarious. I had to stumble it.
Nice job, lexi and cab.

I laughed and loved the panel of them grinning at us like Cheshire Cats. Also, the old guy moving in with the "Dollhouse" info, poster, etc... and the "too much..." reaction. I sense he's supposed to be someone we should know?

Lexi, who draws? You, or cab?
Willowy, I draw and cabridges writes the scripts. As for the old guy (his name is Twitch), he's not supposed to be anyone specific, but they're all people like us, with characteristics borrowed from lots of different people we all know.
Slice 'o' life, then. Always the coolest. I've bookmarked, and will return from now on. Cheers to you, and continued popularity, jocularity, and fun. :)
Highandrandom, that Whedon-comic list is amazingly full of shiny. Thank you so much!!!

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