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May 19 2008

CBS taps Jeffrey Bell for mid-season series "Harper's Island". This horror drama is described as "Scream" meets "10 Little Indians".

The presentation was awful. Hopefully Jeff does something better with it.
But...but..but....we want Jeff for Dollhouse :( Congrats though! I wish the best for him.
Looks like everyone but one actor is being recast and Bell is writing a whole new first episode.
That seems like an odd X Meets Y formula for a TV series.
Being a genre fan and a fan of the always-ringing Bell of Jeffrey, I'm looking forward to checking this out.
It sounds really interesting... I'm happy for him. This makes me even more interested in "Harper's Island" then I was before. It sounds like a slasher film but not as violent and a lot longer.
Well, of course it can't be as violent as it isn't a movie nor on cable, xerox.

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