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June 20 2003

Harry, Sabrina and Buffy Help Paganism Grow. Paganism and the ancient art of witchcraft are on the rise in Britain, experts said on Thursday as the summer's most celebrated Pagan festival approached.

"The rise of interest in Paganism is damaging because it normalizes spiritual evil by presenting it as mere fantasy..."

grr argh indeed.
Ah, that would be the World Evangelical Alliance, birthed star date 1846, can't quite see yet where or by whom. Could they be neo-cons? Billy Graham gets a mention. Having recently spent some time researching Frank Buchman and Moral Rearmament, it's amazing what uses your repressed homosexual, Himmler loving anticommunist can be put to in the name of pie in the sky when you die. Frank used to be a very popular man, birthday telegram from Nixon and according to some people, funds from the CIA. WEA will shortly be trying to reach us (well, ok, me), aka the Unreached (is that sort of like the First?), thro' E0, E1 or E2 type evangelical activity according to one of the diagrams on the website.

As the divine Patti Smith has it in her preamble to Van Morrison's Gloria, "Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine..."

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