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May 19 2008

Firefly Ship Works, Ltd. A very cool website set up by Quantum Mechanix. It was created so fans can keep track of the progress of the large scale Serenity replica model.

This is beautiful work, with an intensity of effort and commitment that reflects how we all feel about the universe that Joss made -- and how much more of it we wish there could be.
Anybody have any idea how much this could cost? I know there is nothing posted - I'm more asking if anybody with experience in buying/making/selling/looking at and drooling over replicas could offer a possible range. $10? $50? $500?
I think the preliminary price was around $500. But that could change based on actual production costs, as it did with the Mal pistol.
Did you guys see the Cylon Raider Replica they have? It has the sweeping red eye at the front and engines that light up at the back.

If this is an indicator of what the Serenity Replica is going to be like I'm definitely in.
Man, geeks rock. This is so. very. pretty.
I'm hoping for a real cool payment plan.

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