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May 19 2008

Alyson Hannigan 'rich in love, life.' USA Today interviews Alyson Hannigan about her relationship with our other favorite watcher, Alexis Denisof and her character on "How I Met Your Mother."

No spoilers to speak of, I don't think, unless you don't want a summary of the season finale at all.

"We also have a philosophy that if you buy one thing, you donate another. My husband will literally buy one T-shirt and go home and find another T-shirt to donate to Goodwill."

Go Alexis!
Um, how do you not think of Britney Spears as Britney Spears?
Eight and a half years they've been together? That's eons in celebrity years.
Where is AD? If he can't be in Dollhouse, somebody please put him in Fringe or Bones or House or 30 Rock or a movie or anything else I can bear to watch. Pleeease.
I like the buy/donate system. I'd definitely be more like Aly, though, with the splurge and purge.
...Except my splurge would be, like, two pairs of shoes...

Whenever I read anything about her, I just get this overwhelming feeling of this absolute love of life. She is just so effusive and upbeat, and it shows even in her quotes. That's zest for life.

I think that she and Alexis should at least guest on Dollhouse; they could be very amusing as clients! Although that would probably be more Neil Simon-esque than Whedonesque.
Terrific interview! I also liked that she had kind things to say about Britney Spears, especially since she seems to be finally getting it together.
BoB, who's Neil Simon?
He's a writer korkster (mainly plays which he then quite often adapts for the screen) and a very funny, warm, humane one at that (try 'Biloxi Blues' - it's technically the second in a trilogy but it's very accessible - or 'The Odd Couple').
But whatever you do avoid London Suite which is diabolical - a cast that includes Patricia Clarkson, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Julie Hagerty, Kristen Johnston and Madeline Kahn couldn't save it from perhaps being the worst film I have ever seen.

Erm, on-topic: I like the buy one, donate one philosophy. I might try that with books.
London Suite was, I am guessing, a companion piece to "Plaza Suite" and "California Suite." I wonder if they started to go downhill in succession since I *loved* Plaza and vaguely liked California but never bothered with London after the crap reviews.
Oh wait... this ISN'T NeilSimonesque? ;-)

Um... Aly Hannigan has certainly grown up to be a fine woman. :-D
Oh Aly, how I love you. And I agree... Alexis must be on my TV NOW please.
moley75: "Erm, on-topic: I like the buy one, donate one philosophy. I might try that with books."

Heh. Some years ago, my partner thought that would be a good idea for me, since he was tired of having to buy and squeeze into our place yet another of what he kept wistfully calling "The Last Bookcase." (It was so cute.)

Didn't work. Couldn't do it. Our place is the roach motel of books - they check in but they don't check out. It's just the way it is. He accepts that now.

I pretty much can do it with clothes, though. I have one box of vintage clothes that I will never part with, but other than that, I keep clothes in constant rotation and recycling.

(London Suite - hurts just to think about it... ow. That poor cast. Warning. Danger. Danger! I liked Plaza Suite, but that was mostly for the sheer Matthau-ity of it.)

Hey, zeitgeist and SNT must be at that Click Critics: The Power of Fan Websites panel long 'bout now. I either mention that so 1) you can take this opportunity to be bad *giggle* or 2) send z some good vibes about his presentation, or both.

*sends them both good vibes somewhere at the N.Y. Paley...*
*prefers to be bad*

Thanks for the info, Saje, but do you know why that would be associated with our double AA's?
Thanks Saje, for the explanation; I was at the dentist.

I just see it with our double trouble A team because of their ability to do comedy so well. It would be great to see them as the happily married, but dysfunctional and witty couple. 'Twould make the heart glad. Hence Neil Simon, since he is quite good at that kind of writing. Actually, he's brilliant at it.

I can see it now: the *new* Odd Couple. No, I'm not comparing AH and AD to Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. Cuz they're both way too pretty.

I kind of would love to see AH and AD in something like the Out of Towners..."How do you imply a turn?" That would be high-larious.

I highly, highly recommend the Out of Towners, as it is beyond funny and the cast (Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn) are awesome.

EDIT: I didn't make sense at first :), as SNT and Zeit are not here to enforce!

[ edited by BandofBuggered on 2008-05-20 02:23 ]
AH visiting my home state of Maryland this summer! Hope we get pictures of her and Alexis eating steamed blue crabs over on the Eastern Shore...
From what little I remember of the snooping I did during downtimes when I worked directory assistance, I'm guessing they'll be in the western part of the state.
*Jaw drops to floor as the realization that someone actually doesn't know who Neil Simon is hits me...* ;)

Also BoB, I highly recommend the original version of the Out of Towners starring Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis. Far superior physical comedy, imo. Also, the window we get to the way things looked back then (transportation terminals, vehicles, fashion, hotel rooms, actual phone booths!) is incredibly charming.

Now get off my lawn.
That's why I come to Whedonesque everyday, for Neil Simon information. :)

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