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May 19 2008

Amber Benson and Adam Busch are Droning On. Amber and Adam will co-direct the independent feature Drones, to star Jonathan M. Woodward.

The film is scheduled for theatrical release in December, 2008.

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That sounds really fun.
Geek heaven.

Though I'm sure Jonathan's character will die at the end.
How does that work, two directors on one film? A film noob asks the internet.
I think they take turns directing every other frame.
Sunfire, ordinarily the directors' union forbids more than one person being officially listed as a film's director. But I'm guessing Amber and Adam aren't guild members, and Louisiana is probably a Right to Work state, so they can get around that restriction.

As to how they'll co-direct, they'll probably work out in advance how they want each scene to go, and then just trade off on giving directions. And there might also be times when one is on the main set, and the other is overseeing some second unit shooting (something an assistant director generally handles).

Actually, it might make for an interesting behind-the-scenes feature to document how the two of them collaborate in one job! :)
Not so sure about the union rules you quote, Shiai. The Matrix had both Wachowski brothers listed as director.

Plus there are films out there listing 1st unit director, 2nd unit director, and so on.
1st unit and 2nd unit director are different jobs to "Director" and certainly don't count as a co-director credit but I think the rule is actually that a DGA member can't share the "Director" credit with a non-member (Robert Rodriguez famously resigned his membership when the DGA told him he couldn't share the director's credit on "Sin City" with Frank Miller for instance).
Much knowledge here as always! Thanks for the informative answers.
I am so excited to see Jonathan Woodward working on something like this. I can't wait!!
The Farrelly Brothers direct all their projects together (Fever Pitch, There's Something About Mary, "The Virgin" episode of Seinfeld, etc.), and both receive credit. However, when the Coen brothers do a film together, they've usually had to divide up the credits, one being listed as the producer, the other being listed as the producer, and both being listed as writers. But for No Country for Old Men they were allowed to both claim credit in all categories. So, I'm not sure what exactly the DGA's rules are, but they're seem rather complex (and, of course, illogical). But Amber and Adam may not be DGA members.

The reason the rules exist is that the DGA wants to promote the notion of the director as the sole author of a film. However, because films are clearly not the work of just one individual (even though they may express one individual's vision), this does not make sense to me.

I've always seen the writing as more important than the directing, anyway. Without a script, you just have actors standing around not doing anything (unless it's improv).
Invisible Green; I think it's based on the idea that a work has to have an idnetifiable author and the convetion grew up early and for Griffith or Chaplin or Capra it was basically true) that features "are" the director's medium, like poetry and prose "belong to" the writer and episodic TV to the producer.
No one creates in a vacuum, not even writers.

The delineations between actor, director, writer are blurring. Amber brought life to a very memorable role on a fantastic series (...still wanting her back Joss...). Not only that, Amber's written for her Buffy character, she's written her own books, directed and again, acted in her own movies. She's kind of a "renaissance woman" of entertainment.

Labels don't tell you everything, and "director" is just a label.

I find it neat that Amber and Adam are sharing this production. They used to downplay their relationship, but nowadays, it simply is.

And Joss, in the unlikely event you're reading, I'm sure Amber wouldn't mind a role in your new series.

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