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May 19 2008

Runaways #30 pushed back again. The new release date for the last issue penned by Joss is June 11th.

It's sorta like a recurring joke that stopped being funny but they keep doing it to the point where it actually gets funny again.
If you want comics done in a timely manner, Marvel isn't the way to go.
yeah... that's comics.

heard the author is a bit busy these days.
Oh, bloody hell! I've been buying everything that Jossir writes, but by this point it's been so long that I've forgotten the plotline...
If they mess with my AXM, I'll--I'll--
Okay, so I can't do anything, but I will glare at my computer screen and swear in multiple languages.

At this point, it's just the drawings and the fact that Marvel can't manage anything. Glad it's not our guy's fault.
If by July there are enough issues in the can completed by Humberto Ramos and the colorists/letterers, as a present to patient Runaways fans for the next three months, I vote we get two issues of Terry Moore's run per month. Marvel ? No ? No go ?

This post not intended to bash/slight anyone. Just eager to get on with the story.

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If you want comics done in a timely manner, Marvel isn't the way to go.

Aye, thankfully we can rely on DC to bring their comics on a regular basis. Oh wait.
*cough* All Star Batman *cough*
Ah, but Frank Miller is a genius. We must make allowances for him.

And this is why I love Dark Horse. Because they're on time, and they rock. Plus, they gave us S8, Sin City, and SugarShock!
As a former letterer (the coolest job in comics! Everyone has a favorite letterer! Right? Right?!) I can say delays usually come from the writer or artist. Joss is busy, and Ramos is known to be slow. Inkers, colorists, and letterers are expected to do their work super fast to make up all the time the "talent" used.

Ah, rushing to FedEx at midnight to overnight a disc to Quebecor... I miss comics sometimes, heh.

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No company is perfect but at risk of starting a holy war, I do actually think it's fair to say that DC are better (or maybe i've just been lucky/unlucky with the titles I get - of the 15 or so singles a month probably 10 are DC and of that recently Batman 675 was delayed and that's it as far back as I can remember. The Marvel stuff on the other hand, well, 2 just from Joss are delayed basically as a matter of course. And that's not even counting 'Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk' ;).

(happily, though I like 'Runaways' it's not a must read title for me so i've actually kept all of Joss' run and not read them yet - been waiting for the arc to complete before I start, then i'm gonna 'thon its ass ;)
I remember this being mentioned here before when the delay of AXM was announced (from 5/21 to 5/28).
What's really weird is that Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers # 1 is scheduled for June fourth.

"Everyone has a favorite letterer! Right? Right?!"

Todd Klein. Man's awesome. You can always tell a Todd Klein comic.
Comics have never been something you could set your watch by, unless you wanted to be very, very late. Up until a couple of years ago, everyone was talking about the inevitable death of comics, with blame being placed on the speculation boom/bust, series with years of back stories that made it impossible for new readers to jump into, and the cronic lateness of books.

Fast-forward to today, and TPBs are being sold in bookstores allowing people to read a run without any delays and catch up on storylines in one sitting, and Marvel has a smash-hit blockbuster movie on their hands.

I have to wonder, though, if Marvel are figuring TPBs and the movie biz pay more than traditional comic publishing, and are thus letting things slide.
The release date was already June 11th - it was pushed back a few weeks ago, as I recall. ETA: Ah, here it is.

In addition, the new Runaways series by Terry Moore has just been solicited for August...

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Yep Todd Klein gets my vote as well. :)

You could set your watch by Cerebus, 300 issues and as far as I know once Dave Sim set the schedule he and Gerhard were never late.
Oh come on!
I've been collecting Runaways in the big shiny hard cover volumes from vol. 2 onwards and have there fore been ignoring the issues. Because of this, I haven't even been able to read Joss' run yet coz everytime they push it back, the release of Vol. 4 is obviously delayed.

....And people ask me why I generaly have no interest in Marvel. The proof is in the pudding - the seriously delayed comics pudding that is.....what does that saying even mean? Stupid saying. Stupid Marvel. Grrr 2am angry rant.
Saje, you're missing the suspense. The long, drawn-out suspense. I do like the phrase "'thon its ass" though.
It's either artist or Marvel issues setting things back, because from what I understand Joss has had Runaways story completed for some time. Why are they doing this to us...and Joss? I mention Joss at the comic book shop and everyone huffs and expects his titles to be delayed. Even though his stories are good, they would prefer him not on a title so it's not delayed. I sometimes think Marvel does it on purpose.
Saje, you're missing the suspense. The long, drawn-out suspense.

Y'know, i'm really not ;).
My "source on the inside" used to tell me back when Fray was first coming out that both Joss and penciller Karl Moline were MONTHS behind on getting scripts and artwork in. And I'm told that history is repeating itself right now. *shrug*
You mean on 'Buffy'?
If the script isn't finished, I don't get how they can have preview pages, even if they are not colored and inkted yet. Well whatever, is just want this story finished, it's so bloody vague.
I've never really noticed DC books shipping late. It's certainly never taken 4+ years to get a single story out of them, anyway (ahem, Ultimates, Spidey/Black Cat, Ultimate Wolvie/Hulk, Astonishing, Runaways, etc).

Heck, DC managed to get a team of writers and artists together to pump out two year's worth of a weekly series (52 and Countdown).

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I remember this being mentioned here before when the delay of AXM was announced (from 5/21 to 5/28).
What's really weird is that Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers # 1 is scheduled for June fourth.

It says June 18th on the Marvel site now, perhaps that got pushed back as well to avoid spoiling the ending of Runaways #30.

At least this means we'll only have a week to wait for more Runaways when we finally get this issue.
No, NO, NO!!
I just checked again, now it says both Runaways #30 and SI:YA & Runaways #1 will come out the same day June 18th.
I can't get to the comic shop more than once a month but I can't wait that long to read AXM and the buffy arc finale.
(sorry I didn't get how to link)

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