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May 20 2008

FOX invites you to The Dollhouse. They've set up an official Facebook page, where they're uploading videos and such about the show (and will be adding more stuff going forward). Let's see how many people are looking forward to the show..

Someone describe it. Even for Dollhouse, I refuse to get a Facebook account.

ETA: Oh, at the moment it doesn't appear I need one.

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I dare Fox to set up a community on LJ. That's where the fandom power lies.
Aha! 4th fan! Go team me.
I'm one of the fans of Dollhouse now on Facebook. Yay!
They should do a fictional LJ written by one of the Dolls. Except I imagine this Dollhouse place would probably not allow them internet access at all.
They just can't remember their passwords.
Okay, joined. It's funny, because I was telling one of my (sadly uninitiated) friends about this show last night, and that she should watch it. She's like, "okay, when's it start?"
I told her it was in January. And then she laughed at me.
They'd be posting on a new account everyday.
Just joined. So far, the numbers are 182. Not nearly enough, people! Let's go out there and badger them in nice polite, inquiring ways.
The video looks promising.
Is this really an official Page, or just a pretender (like the Joss Whedon one I was on for a while)?
I'll wait to see what kind of secret content everybody talks about before I join up. Myspace was bad enough, I see no reason to succumb to another trend.

I just ran across Fox's official coming-soon page for Dollhouse. Is this new new or just new-to-me new?
Ah, Facebook. Someone's already said that the actors shouldn't be barefoot. "Put on some nylons!"

I was thinking that an LJ account used by an unactivated(?) Doll could be used every week. It'd be like the opposite of a typical LJ-- can't talk about pop culture, recent events, opinions. Just now, what's going on right now, and how you feel about that. I imagine that the Dolls' unactivated world is probably pretty constant and non-eventful to a point of feeling timeless to someone who doesn't remember being outside of it.
And somebody else referred to this as Joss Whedon's website. Caroline loves that.
OK, now i'm just being contrary but i'm still not joining Facebook ;).
i'm just being contrary but i'm still not joining Facebook

How is that contrary when some of us have already said the same thing? ;)
The only thing good about the Facebook thing is they e-mail you when there's new pictures/news/videos.

But, why would you need that if you have Whedonesque?

Maybe it helps the "numbers".
Sweet, my kid had a Facebook account all set up. So is that second clip part of the 8 minutes from upfronts last week?

Also, everything cool happens when I'm sick in bed.
why all the hate for facebook?
Has anyone noticed we have the official premiere date ? It says January 9. So if they run all 13 eps straight (Fox, we dare you)the finale is going to be on April 3. All the time to order another batch of episodes. Am I thinking too far ahead ?:-)
Has anyone noticed we have the official premiere date ? It says January 9.

January 09, actually, as in 2009. But for a moment there I was super excited. Alas.
No, not joining facebook. Not even for Dollhouse.
How is that contrary when some of us have already said the same thing? ;)

Ah, not contrary to the fine, discerning folk on here (perish the thought) but to the ever increasing, world-eating hordes of Bookers/Frienders/Facials/Whatever-they're-calling-themselves ;).
Cool I finally have a good use for Facebook. :p
But for a moment there I was super excited.

Of course, since the normal night is known to be a Monday (leading in to 24), anything saying it would air on a Friday would be wrong. While they may consider a Sunday-Monday two night premiere event type deal, I can't see a Friday airing happening.
I read that it is being paired with 24 so that would make it a Monday night show.
Just realized that Monday is already crowded with Whedon alums more than any other day in the week, and it's getting even more crowded now that we get to have a Whedon show on Mondays.
Well I love FB - it's just a really convenient way for me to keep in touch with the diaspora of friends, relatives, and chance acquaintances I've made and lost in this big ole world of ours. I post a picture album on my page, tag the names of friends etc. in those pics, and they get a message letting them know. I tend to decline the more wacky apps these days, but the basic tool is perfect for me.

As an aside - I'm ever wondering at our tendency to glom onto and praise the undiscovered and little-known, and reject out of hand the widespread and universal. Sometimes things that are popular are actually pretty good (Spider-Man 2; The Beatles; SNL), and things that are obscure are deservedly so (insert your own crappy night out at a show here). Why define oneself by one's reaction to a perceived "trend" or "wave"? (Unless you work in marketing, I guess - then it's obligatory). Just one of many things in life that I don't get, I guess.
In fairness, I refused to join before it was popular too.

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