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May 20 2008

Ten vampires that don't suck. Sadly Spike and Angel didn't top the list but they did get beaten by a couple of legendary vampires.

Again, I'm wondering why the media doesn't seem to have seen the show past Season 3...
I think it's because most people think of the show as set in high school, even if the majority of it isn't. Makes things more palatable for the uninitiated.

I think that Nosferatu is pretty legendary, and perhaps warrants higher recognition than our boys. But even if I think that Gary Oldman did the most badass Dracula ever, I still think of him in terms of 5.1...when he just wasn't that cool. But I guess we have to pay homage to tradition and whatnot.
Considering that neither Barnabas Collins nor Carmilla Karnstein even got an honorable mention, I'm wondering why they don't get people to make up these lists who would at least pretend to take the task seriously. "Moonlight" and "Underworld" make the top ten? And two out of their "top ten vampires" aren't actually even vampires, fer gods' sake? I mean, c'mon now.
Spike gets his picture at the top of the page. That's gotta count for something.

But why does Nick Knight get honorable mention, while his wannabe gets on the list? That's just silly.
Carmilla should definitely be on there!
Wait a minute! I respect the top two and of course three and four, but why does MOONLIGHT gets a spot not only ahead of THE LOST BOYS but also in place of Forever Knight where we had two amazing vamps 'Nicholas' and 'Lacroix'? *pout* And Claudia gets a mention and Lestat de Lioncourt does not?

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Dracula may be number 1, but he still owes Spike money.
Dracula may be number 1, but he still owes Spike money.

OneTeV | May 21, 08:19 CET

I wish I'd thought of that ;-)

I'd put Spike before Angel but that's my personal bias. As for Dracula, Gary Oldmam is by far my favorite.

But WTF??? .... No Lestat? That is just so not right, especially as Claudia got an "honorable mention".
Count me as surprised that Lestat didn't make the list. Even so, it always makes me happy to see when people remember Martin. One of Romero's better films, IMO.
I'm just glad to see some love for Lifeforce *FINALLY*.
She's really not in it for most of the film though. Frankly, the amount of fast-forwarding required is a scandal.
I was pleased to see Martin there too Roland. Always overlooked.

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