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August 10 2002

(SPOILER) "Disposable villain, hapless wreck, wacky neighbor." The Washington Post dissects Mr Cheekbones.

I've only one comment. 29? [ Insert hysterical laughter here ]

To the audience's, and possibly to Spike's surprise, in the last episode's final scene, his soul was reinstated.---oops, did someone's hand get tipped???? I have wondered since the closing credits if this was truly what Spike expected.

His mark on the role was noted recently by none other than Barnabas Collins, that elegant vampire on the '60s soap opera "Dark Shadows."

"I just got an autographed picture of Jonathan Frid," the actor who portrayed Collins, exulted Marsters. "He said, 'You've made it, man!'" Anyone else in here old enough to remember how *hot* Barnabas was in the early 1970's? That compliment made by Frid is quite a coup for James.
Joss has said that Spike was going for the soul all along. Marsters was told to play it as if he was going to get the chip out. To trick the audience (that would be us). But he got what he wanted.

I've never seen Dark Shadows, I don't think it ever aired over here.

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