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May 20 2008

Daniel Dae Kim stars in "Andromeda Strain". Which will air May 26 & 27th on A & E. He plays Dr. Tsi Chou a microbiologist who used to design biological weapons, in this two night event.

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I saw a commercial for this. It looked good. Is A & E making Sci-Fi movies now or did someone else make this.
Word on the street is that you can win a Wildfire Lab costume from Danial Dae Kim's character in the miniseries.
It had some rotten reviews on AICN. I liked the book though, it was a cracking read.
It's pretty awful. Entertaining at times, good production values for a mini series, but most of the characters are as dull as dishwater, and the 2nd part just gets progressively more nonsensical. Dae Kim is about the only one who doesn't embarrass himself (Eric McCormack is also good, despite my hate of Will and Grace).
I've seen it. It's pretty bad, especially when compared with the wonderfully tense and claustrophobic 1971 version. This review on IMDb (not written by me) pretty much sums up what's wrong with it.
Simon and dzr, you're right about the original book and movie; Crichton's novel was ahead of its time as a techno-thriller (especially in its use of documents and screen captures) and the Robert Wise film has quiet realism that really builds the tension. But I'll watch the remake series this weekend if just for the sake of comparison.

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