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May 21 2008

Angel: After the Fall #1 [Director's Cut] released today. A special features packed re-issue of the 1st issue,with corrections,script and writers notes. Should be interesting. Newsarama has a 5 page preview of the issue which includes a look at the script.

I'm really looking forward to getting this. It looks very classy.
I can't wait to get this.
Does anyone know if the extras from the Director's Cut will included in the TPB?
Is the story or dailogue any different? Or is it just a bunch of extra features w/ the original comic book?
I took the liberty of adding a link to Newsarama, they've got a preview of the issue (and the script notes are very insightful).
I think they modified little somethings, like the colour of Gunn's hoodie, just to make him stand out more in the vamp gang. More than that, in terms of dialogue/story, I don't think so.
That script page was AWESOME! I definitely need this book.
Can Brian please do it for all the issues? :) And would the scripts be included into the Angel:ATF hard-back?
Seriously, that script page was awesome. :)
Thanks Simon- I really love this idea. I hope the TPB contains some goodies too.

Looking forward to getting this on Friday.
Am excited for my loot arriving next week!

Side Q: Anyone notice the "Dead, She Said" comic above in the Newsrama? What is that? I'm disturbed by it, but the character's throught process reminds me of Angel. Anyone else?
Got my copy today. The notes are a lot of fun, seeing the original script is interesting, and the adjusted coloring looks great. Very nice.
I have my copy now as well.I don't usually go for Director's Cut comics or various printings.I follow so many comic titles that it becomes to much money if I'm buying various printings of an issue I already have,even if there are bonus features.It's rare when I even go with getting all the variant covers although on certain issues,if I love more then one cover,I'll do it.But I did pick up this director's cut and enjoyed it,particlularly Brian's running commentary alongside the script.Much like with the Buffy and Angel shooting scripts from the two series,it's always interesting to see what an earlier draft had.I guess,if there is another director's cut at some point,I think it should be for the last issue of the series.

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