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May 21 2008

Adam Baldwin Serenity Shirt on Ebay for Charity. Looks like this is the last and final shirt!

Oh, to have such a shirt! But $810?

One of a kind shirt! Well, actually two of a kind, but still :)
How many shirts is this now? 20?
This is the 13th shirt. And as mentioned it's the last. Of course there's still the Jayne Hat Auction coming in September.

I haven't done the exact math yet, but if this shirt goes for about $100 more than it is now, then all the shirts combined will have raised $10,000 for MCLEF.
Good for Adam. I just can't seem to remember a time when there wasn't a t-shirt up for auction. It is good this is the last one.
We spaced them out a lot more than the scripts. So all told it's been a little over 6 months since the first one started.
Not trying to harsh on your efforts! Just pointing out the obvious. It's a gift. :)
I knew that. :) Just pointing out why it's been going on so long. It didn't seem like a long time when we set it up, but man was it hard to remember to get the auction going sometimes. At least 2 of them started a few hours later than announced.
That's a great shirt, danregal. Even I recognize/adore it!
After this shirt goes will they be auctioning off shirtless Jayne?

(a girl can dream)
Heh, lauratd I think Adam's wife and kids might have an issue with that...maybe a timeshare could be arranged ?

I wonder what size the shirt is, it doesn't look like it says on the auction page. Given Adam's height and build and the fact that it looked like he was filling it out real nice in the movie, it's gotta be either a Large or a not-too-roomy Extra-Large.

Good cause, but I don't have over $810 for a shirt just now. But would totally wear that, it's one of my favorite Jayne shirts (and he wore a lot of nice ones).
Kris - I think it's a Large, judging by the shirt that I won.

And I know for a fact that Adam signs the shirt before he sends it to the auction winner - so that's a plus.

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