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May 21 2008

This month's SFX magazine is giving away free Buffy and Angel novels. It also contains coverage of the Paley Reunion,Dollhouse and various other Whedonverse tidbits.

For those of you who read the Buffy or Angel novels this is a nice chance to pick up a free copy of a novel you may not already have. I chose the Buffy/Angel crossover 'Heat' as I have not read it yet.

Look for it tomorrow, still contemplating buying 'Queen Of The Slayers'
I chose the Buffy/Angel crossover 'Heat' as I have not read it yet.

I tried to read it but gave up about a third of the way through.
I thought that might be the case....but it's something I considered buying for a while...but didnt want to pay 11 euro for it!So getting it free with a magazine I was buying anyway is a good way to find out if its rubbish or not:)
Anyone know why in the quoteable slayer book this quote from OMWF is wrong?

"MINION: My master has the Slayer's sister hostage at the Bronze because she summoned him and at midnight he's going to take her to the underworld to be his queen.
GILES: What does he want?
MINION: (indicates Buffy) Her. Plus chaos and insanity and people burning up, but thats more big picture stuff"

Now... i dont remember ANY of the "Plus chaos" part personally!
I got "Wisdom of War" with my one - so far it's all a bit Alias, but with Faith in it and Buffy in Faith-esq clothing, how can it be bad?

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cicatrixtwigs, that's what that quote is like in Joss's shooting script.
I thought it may be something like that :D Thanks Enisy!
I've read lots of Buffy and Angel novels... I can't remember any being Good, but I did enjoy reading "Monster Island", the crossover between the two.
"Queen of the Slayers" was a good book but it's obviously a version of post-Sunnydale history that has nothing to do with the current, Joss-lead, Season 8. So, think of it as "alternate reality" and enjoy!
Mark: Avoid "Queen of the Slayers." It's just not good. There are better Nancy Holder books, and there are a million better Buffy books.
Got the Buffy quote book too (I subscribe, so I couldn't pick & choose). Nice whedon-coverage, inside. Also, a fun article on tie-in novels. Plus: SFX, always great. One of my all-time favorite magazines (and I read an unhealthy lot of magazines. I guess that's why I chose journalism as a career :)). Recommended buy.
I think this is an excellent idea (and I'm betting SFX got a ton of books at rock bottom remainder prices). It would be fantastic if more fans could discover the novels. Even though Simon & Schuster has relinquished the property, I think the success of the new comic series proves that Buffy and Angel fans are more than willing to follow the characters in literary settings, so perhaps an upswing in interest for the books will lead to S&S (or another publishing house) resuming them.
As a subscriber I got "The Quoteable Slayer" too. Am pleased because it's the only one of the books they're giving away that I've ever contemplated buying.

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