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May 21 2008

James Marsters to star in "Moonshot". A drama about the days leading to the Apollo 11 launch to the moon. James will portray astronaut Buzz Aldrin. It will air on the History Channel and ITV in 2009.

Ohh excellent news !
It should be interesting to see James in a role like this. I'll be looking forward to this one.
I agree, and it's in time for the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11. This should be good.
Presumably this is the new role mentioned previously ? Very cool. Buzz Aldrin was by all accounts the most extroverted, fiery member of the Apollo 11 crew so there should be plenty for JM to get his teeth into.

(when I first scanned the title I thought it said "Moondust" and they'd somehow dramatised the book of that name about the men who've walked on the moon that are still alive. It's a brilliant, moving, uplifting, evocative book but not readily turned to drama so I was all ready to be totally perplexed ;)
I'm thrilled that James will be appearing on his favorite television channel! He's often said that all he watches is Discovery and the History Channel.

So cool to learn that is coincides with the 40th anniversary. Thanks for that info impalergeneral!
Very cool news! But I am confused, is this the one from the "UK company"? Or is this in addition to the UK company one?

Either way, Yeah!! More James is always welcome.
It's a co production led by the UK company ITV with The History Channel and a German network ProSieben.

Big budget too !!
Yeah, luvspike, I was wondering that too. Thanks for the info, debw.

There is 'much' to look forward to in 09. *raises eyebrow* Hopefully all good, no jinx intended.
Thanks, debw. Although I was hoping for a series, this really sounds like something that James would really love to do and I am so excited for him...and for us cuz we get to watch him do it!! Yeah, 2009 is shaping up to be a very exciting JM year!!
Woo Hoo! Excellent stuff! I'm so looking forward to seeing how this turns out! *g*

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Looks like it's going to be hyped. Yay James!

Outstanding, I love the history of the Apollo program and will look forward to the show. The fact that James will be acting the role of Buzz Aldrin is icing on the cake. Good choice!
"breathtaking interviews"?
I got an image of everybody panting.

But I'm all for "stunning space recreation" (Both the fun-in-zero-gravity kind and the fabulous CGI kind.)

And of course I'm all for seeing JM take on a meaty role. Sounds good.
Great news! I'm happy for James!
It sounds a bit like "From the Earth to the Moon" which was quite insightful. Kudos to the History Channel if they can make it as good as that.
If you're interested in the history of the Apollo moon missions, try to see "In the Shadow of the Moon." It's a documentary of all the Apollo moon missions and alternates between historical footage and contemporary interviews of the living astronauts, including Buzz Aldrin. I found it educational and entertaining. These men are funny, touching, and amazing. It's available on DVD.

I'm glad that James has such a good role. It'll be interesting to see how he portrays Mr. Aldrin. I wonder if the actors will meet with the astronauts before filming. Now that would be interesting.
Buzz Aldrin is a much-touted guest of the upcoming Toronto SFX convention (held in late August? - can't find the website info right off). I recently rec'd a special postcard mailing from SFX about his attendance.

I won't be in Toronto this year, because I am hoping to attend Atlanta DragonCon instead, but it would be great to hear what Buzz Aldrin has to say about this program and James' portrayal of him.

Gotta say that James as Buzz is an inspired casting choice. Selfishly, I hope this program is more dramatization than documentary (and thus more James for us to enjoy!), but however it leans, it looks to be a first-class production and a worthy addition to James' CV.

ETA: the link to Toronto SFX is....

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This is great! It will be a different direction for him to go in.
I noticed while going to school at Montclair University, that there was a signed Buzz Aldrin photo hanging in the theater. I always wondered about it, but this finally got me to look up his bio. He was born in Montclair, New Jersey. Yea, another New Jersey boy made good. ;-)
Is this going to be based on the book of the same name?
Oh, bother, he's far too old; Aldrin was only 39 when he landed on the moon!

Okay, kidding!

But, seriously, check this pic of Aldrin out--great casting:

And, yes, newcj, always good to see New Jersey folks do well.

Chris formerly inNJ.

Waaaay formerly.

Good for you, James.
So, one presumes he'll be given special training in anti-caveman fighting tactics for this role...
Thanks for the pic Chris. Does this mean JM is going to have to go back to the buzz cut...or would that be a Buzz-cut? (Not my favorite look.)
Fruan said:

So, one presumes he'll be given special training in anti-caveman fighting tactics for this role...

Okay that? Right there? Totally made my day. Thank you!
Yay James! Astronaut/caveman jokes aside, it seems an inspired choice. I really love stuff about the Apollo missions & this sounds like a class production.
Wow ... comparing the two of them I would say it's a pretty darn good job of pulling if off on the looks alone.

Chris in Virginia photo of Buzz Aldrin and a photo of James Marsters back in '05 when he was supporting a buzz cut.
I think JM is adorable, even in a Buzz cut. Yeah, like everyone is saying, they made a great casting choice. AARRGGHH, another thing I just can't wait for!! I wonder how many things can pile up that you just can't wait for until you explode?
So, one presumes he'll be given special training in anti-caveman fighting tactics for this role...

I Lol'd :) well done! And congrats to James as well!

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