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June 21 2003

The Amber Benson European Tour 2003 this August and September - cities include London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Ireland, France and Germany. Amber will be showing off her indie film "Chance" which also features James Marsters and Andy Hallett ("The Host" from Angel)

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Seems like details are still forming, but some fans have pointed out this looks like a well organized series of events.

Amber is listed to do her "Under Your Spell" performance as well as a "Dinner with Amber" contest.

(Anyone want to spot me some airfare? :-)

You can shoot me if I'm wrong, but I always thought it was Hallett, not Halet.

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Wow. The Amber Benson Tour, Italian Heat...for a guy with a new full-time TV gig, James sure has got a lot of not-AtS stuff on his schedule this fall.
thanks for the tip on "Hallet" Boobie :) you were right - my apologies to his fans...
Uhm...I think if you read the copy they list that Andy and James STAR in Chance but not that they are doing the tour too.
The events at the bottom just list Amber so I think this might be a case of the copy not being clear.

James and Andy both come back to full time work at the end of July for Angel and then James starts pulling double duty for his indie film in Sept. too.
eek, you are right TaraDi... gee I really screwed up for my first article posting... sorry folks!
Oh Ireland, great. Hope she comes to Belfast.
i'm sure the fans will be okay. but uhm... it's Hallett with double t... better change it again before the fans get really upset. and you know how those Hallett fans are. i'm guessing they're not really violent since andy doesn't seem violent to me either. but they might give you an angry look and nobody likes to get those.
::dirty look:: I don't know if you can tell, but I'm doing this as hard as I can.

Aw, who am I kidding? I don't care how you spell it, I'm just happy to see an article mentioning my favorite Host.
Live "Under Your Spell" performance? For real?
Gah! More people who get to see "Chance" who aren't me! No fair!
Just wondering if 'Chance' would ever be released on DVD? Is there a minimum number of DVDs that have to be made in order for a film to be released?
I have quibbles with the following text on their site: "...the World Premiere Screening of the New Feature Film C H A N C E." The fact that they're advertising this screening as the so-called world premiere is *really* misleading as Amber has hosted screenings of this film already, the most recent of which was at Moonlight Rising. :P

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I forgot where I saw it mentioned but Amber just hired an agent to promote "Chance" so it's unlikely to hit DVD soon. She did say that she would release it eventually on the internet.

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