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May 21 2008

(SPOILER) An article on Dollhouse from Chicago's Red Eye.

" I have little doubt that “Dollhouse,” about an underground group that imprints its “actives” with personalities and abilities needed to carry out specific missions, won’t be worth the wait."

He said that he has little doubt it won't be worth the wait... hmm...
Mmmm, yes, Tahmoh with as little clothes as possible sounds good to me, too. Joss usually isn't skimpy on the scantily clad males, I'm happy to say. But why no man on man? Lots of love for the friends of Sappho, so it's about time for a homosexual relationship between two men in one of Joss' productions.
Looks like they've tinkered with the preview video too. Editing is slightly tighter, new graphics, new music instead of an awkwardly inserted Foo Fighters track(although it's a great track). Also, is that the official Dollhouse logo at the end of the preview?

If this is nothing new just ignore me, it's new to me!! :)
I guess I was wrong. 13 episodes have been ordered. That's great news. I think I might just watch/read Angel, Buffy, Firefly, and Serenity on loop until January.
Am I the only one who keeps waiting to catch a glimpse of Amy Acker?

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The 13 ep order has been mentioned and the wanting to glimpse Amy has appeared in most of the threads, so :)
HowlingLupe, you are not alone. I keep checking every screen to steal a glimpse. And yet, nada.
Nope, I'm eagerly awaiting seeing Amy again too. Is Faith's last name really Lehane? News to me. (Obviously my fan-cred is shot.:)
We need to title the next clip thread Yet Another Clip Without Amy Because She's Not in the Only Episode Shot So Far.
onthedrift - The surname Lehane was used in a Buffy role-playing game. Though it was chosen by Whedon, it hasn't been established as canon.
Actually, has it been used in the comics then after use in the RPG? Maybe not, too lazy to check. Either way, Joss said it, so let it be done (canon).
Either way, Joss said it, so let it be done (canon).

Unless he decides to do something different in an actual story, in which case the story overrides any non-story statement. ;)
Maybe he could throw aside everything in the comics for something live action? Nah, he would NEVER do that... ;)
FaithsTruCalling, I noticed that too. It seems like he wants to support Whedon, but that opening statemt doesn't cut it. (Isn't it opposite of support, in fact?)

cabri, could you pleasepleaseplease show me how you do that color thing? I've been trying for *days* to figure it out. So far, nada, zip, zulch. :(

ETA: zeitgeist, why whatever on Earth are you talking about? Whedon not stay canon? What do you mean? Like when Spike was sired by Angel and then ends up being sired by Drusilla? Oh. Nevermind.

ETAA: Or how he said he would toss the comics if need be for a movie/TV show? :(

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korkster, as long as we don't go CRAZY NUTS with it, we can do color and such occasionally... being careful not to tire our poor ol' mod's eyes or give them migraines. ; >

If you just go into the menu item "View" in your browser, and go to "View Source" or "Page Source" or something similar, you can see, for instance, this page's code and note how you code color within the page's code. If I give you the code here in my post, it'll simply render it into color.
What are crazy uts? :)
Or I could just say < font color="olive" >do it like this< /font > but take out all the inner spacing next the '>'s. But yes please use sparingly as too much makes my eyes bleed. And we don't want that, do we? Do we? Hello?
Helo's in Dollhouse?! Wow, I must've been out of the loop when that was announced.
Just flipping channels during commercial breaks on Idol tonight and on PrimeTime Price is Right a contestant was named...Echo.
I have much Acker-anticipation as well. But hey its only what 7 more months until dollhouse?
Lehane is Faith's canon last name as of, like, three years ago. The producers of a Buffy RPG asked Joss to think up last names for Faith and Kendra, and I can even remember Joss explained how he chose it right here, in a Whedonesque thread. Something going with Irish Boston typical names. And it was used in the comics, so yes, it's Lehane.
Re: Amy Acker. We technically do see her on the side (in white) when an overhead shot shows the dolls going into their "pods". She's there, people. What? We're talented but not that talented to take that speck, zoom in while retaining resolution, and make posters/wallpapers/graphics of her? Huh.

Re: colors. Thanks you, QuoterGal & cabri for your help! I know I'll sleep better tonight. I will ensure your trust by not assaulting the colors; I was more fascinated by something I could not do than actually performing the act. And, hey, that "View Source"? Cool! The grasshopper has turned into a, uh, larger grasshopper. Thank you, praying manti, for your teachings.

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Cabri: please use sparingly as too much makes my eyes bleed

Do you mean like the undead in "Horror Express" (1973), or like the guards in "Ariel" getting zapped by the Blue Hands Group? Either way, pretty cool (except for the pain and death part).

I was watching the parking garage clip (again), and thought about the dialogue. Whedon et. al. usually set up an intercourse to be literally true and still have more than one meaning (and to foreshadow future events). Think of Serenity: "Mal, you came looking for a fight." "I came looking for you."

In the parking garage, Faith (err... Echo) is complaining that no one in the FBI is looking for her sister, then Helo (err... Paul Smith) states that he was "sent a picture of you". Hmmm...
Heh, you're welcome, korkster - "teach a whedonesquer to fish..." well, you know the rest.

And do you mean you think Amy is The Lady in White in these shots?

'Cause I dunno - that lady's stance in the brief little pod clip seems just a tad too menial - more like "Sleeping Pod Attendant" or something - the figure not quite right, and I'm not sure it looks like her - but maybe...

ETA: And yeah, Perseo here's that Joss comment you mentioned where he 'splains Lehane. In Spain. Stays mainly on the plain.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2008-05-22 07:53 ]
Doesn't look like Amy to me.
I don't remember Amy being so broad across the shoulders, she always seemed very slight to me.
That's definately not Amy, no.

Maybe not, too lazy to check.

Carefull, zeitgeist, your apathy from another thread is starting to bleed over into new ones.
I don't think that's Amy, either. For the aforementioned reasons, not to mention the fact that the face shape looks all wrong. I seem to recall Amy being much more slender: longer and leaner-like.

I always liked the last name Lehane for Faith. It works. Although as a Yankees fan, I've always been predisposed to dislike much of anything from Boston.

So tempted to use the color, but I know that if I start, I'll just keep on going.
...well, just once.
Uh-oh, I can feel the blood starting to drip from the corner of my eyes... O.O
Oof, look at how quickly we grasp a concept and over-enjoy it! Mayhaps this is what people mean when they call us annoying, overzealous fans?


cabri, what color is the blood?
BoB, if you are suggesting that we keep hitting cabri until the blood runs clear, that is a different franchise.
BoB: cabri, what color is the blood?

A dusky black, with just a hint of silver highlights...

OTV: BoB, if you are suggesting that we keep hitting cabri until the blood runs clear, that is a different franchise.

Nah, it'll just blend in with the big black. ;)
We need to title the next clip thread Yet Another Clip Without Amy Because She's Not in the Only Episode Shot So Far.

cabri | May 22, 02:05 CET

Amy actually is in the first episode, but she has only two tiny scenes, if my memory doesn't deceive me and these two scenes are not really important to sell the premise to viewers. I suppose FOX only chose scenes which explain the show and not the subplots.

Miracle Laurie alias November is the one who is not in the pilot.
Dang! And it was such a good thread title! :(
My perfect end to the first season:

INTERIOR SHOT - We're in a summertime, open-air cafe. Echo is on assignment. After buying a sandwich and some chips, she plants her tray down at a table far away from everyone else. Sitting there alone, she looks around anxiously. She's waiting for her contact, some underground overlord wannabe. As we've seen in prior episodes, she's beginning to piece together who she really is, but she's still a far cry from the truth.

Across the cafe, a sunshade, bonnet sporting woman is in line, waiting to pay for her lunch. She notices Echo and does a double-take. Leaving an irritated clerk behind her, the woman stumbles over, lowering her shades and removing her bonnet, wearing a look of utter shock and disbelief.

We see the mystery woman has short red hair that culminates in a pointed widow's peak, and her face is very familiar.

WILLOW: "Oh my goddess. Faith?"

Echo stares up at the woman, wide-eyed. Bom, bom, bom goes a drum, each beat accompanying a zoom-in on Echo's panicked expression.

Cut to black. Roll credits "Joss Whedon", etc...

Next season starts, and there is not one mention of this event at all. It's like it never happened.
Dear moderators (kisses & hugs),

I apologize for attempting to enrich my knowledge of HTML lingo on your web community blog. What started out as an innocent inquiry turned into a colorful catastrophe.

Your wonderfully appreciative and kind and loyal subject,
korkster :)

quantumac, I LOVE that idea! For some reason, it reminds me of Hitchcock. You know, keeping true to the story but slipping in little blurbs for the ones who are in the know.
So you apologize and then double down? You so fit in here that its not even funny, korkster.
Well, I laughed at it, anyway. I wanted to see what it would take for a mod to speak up. :)

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