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May 21 2008

48 Serenity Charity Screenings, Events in 43 Cities, 5 Countries. The five countries are US, Aussieland, Canada, New Zealand and Kosovo (if there is no emergency or unrest in the region Kosovo). New US states include LA and VA. Also the Memphis screening needs Browncoats. Can you help?

Affiliate City Events Currently New Mexico, New Zealand and Kosovo

19 cities with tickets, merchandise and raffle tickets for sale. Don't be Shut Out.

Here is a Can't Stop the Serenity banner you can use.

Special guests appearing at screenings:

BC, Vancouver: Jewel Staite
OR, Portland: Dark Horse's Scott Allie and Sierra Hahn and Amanda Sullivan Director of Equality Now's Women's Action Network
TX, Dallas/Fort Worth: Tim Minear
TX, Houston: featuring Cedric from the Bedlam Bards
TX, Austin: featuring Cedric from the Bedlam Bards

Heh, no Sean Maher in Toronto again ? That was so cool during that first screening of Serenity up here.

I'm so out of the loop on this, need to check that link in a sec to find out dates and arrangements and all that. I could go for another in-theatre viewing, only saw it twice back in 2005 (although more three times on DVD and parts on The Movie Network since then).

I've really wanted to see Firefly in a theatre too, but not so soon 'cause I just finished it last month with my bud. He'd already seen Serenity and liked it, but didn't know about the series.
Good job on the banner, guys! Catchy!
No Cleveland this year. *sniffle*
No Cleveland this year. *sniffle*

You could have organized one. ;)
Kosovo? That's sort-of amazing.
Kosovo? That's sort of Fantastic!

My Brother is a Lt. Col. Stationed there. I'm gonna let him know about this. Permaybehaps he can get some of his troops a little R&R, and create good relations with the locals through our BDM. :)
Kris, We won't have Sean, worst luck, but we will have lots of fun, some tremendous auction items and door prizes, followed by a shindig. Toronto's screening is June 21st. Details are here.
See you there!

Can the maintainer of update the Portland link? It's
If you're interested in a CSTS 2008 t-shirt, you might want to pre-order to ensure availability of your size and style. Stock will vary at each event, but I know the SoCal events (LA, OC, San Diego) will have limited stock for same day purchase, and the SoCal pre-order deadline is May 24.
I've added a couple of links about the Memphis screening to the entry.
bix, I assume that would've taken time and money I can't afford to expend.
It definitely eats up the time. But as far as money goes, it all depends on how you do it. In SoCal, we've actually pre-sold enough shirts and tickets to pay for all 3 screening costs. Before the payments are due. Now all we have to pay for out of pocket is the shirts and posters, which isn't going to be a huge burden.

I think the main hurdle for most organizers is getting a theater at a low cost, good time and with a willingness to work with you. After that it's usually pretty easy. Somehow Browncoats come out of the woodwork for CSTS screenings.
can't wait to see the BDM on the big screen again! thanks guys for all of your hardworK!
Well done, all involved!

sungafan - Please capitalize as appropriate, thanks!
Tickets are on sale for the Northern Virginia screenings now: I'll be there on Saturday 6/21.
I'm not getting much off the Kosovo connection linked here. And I'm skeptical. I can easily picture a military screening on a U.S. base. That's how I saw Serenity the second and third times. But a CSTS? How?
It is under Affiliate City Events. Basically, not a screening in a theater but a bunch of fans getting together and raising some money for charity. Might turn into more than just a little gathering if TDBrown gets a Lt. Col. involved.

Link to Affiliate City Events Currently New Mexico, New Zealand and Kosovo

Here is Description of Affiliate cities events.

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Yeah, but Kosovo is a country (just recently) not a city. Anyway, while it's great if people there want to participate, Kosovo is more likely a recipient more than a donor for Equality Now.

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