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May 22 2008

(SPOILER) Angel,Spike and sideburn questions answered. Brian Lynch once again answers your questions in a podcast at his blog.

Can't get the podcast to play.I saw over in the comments at the blog,a few people were having the same problem.
Yeah, it doesn't work.
Works OK for me (downloaded the file by right clicking then opened it in both VLC and Windows Media Player Classic with no problems).

It's not an MP3 though, it's 3ivx MP4 audio. Maybe that's causing you guys issues ?
Yeah, it's probably the MP4 thing, I used Winamp to play it, worked fine for me.
Works for me, too. He's very excited about what's coming up in ATF--says there are both "dark times" and "crowd pleasing" moments in store. Yay!
When I downloaded it, it came out as mp3, which didn't work. I then changed the file extension to mp4 (m4a works too) and now it plays fine at least in Winamp, RealPlayer and QuickTime. Not in my Windows Media Player though. - I'm off to listen...
It is playing for me on QuickTime, and it is (as always) very entertaining!
How do you change the file extension to m4a or mp4?
Changing file extension in Windows: here. Do the same thing as in the example, just change the .mp3 to .mp4. Hope it helps!
Valerie... you are amazing. Thanks so much! It worked.
Thank you Valerie!
Glad to have helped! :)
Posted a transcript here, if anyone's interested. (Am I allowed to link it? If not, please delete this comment.)
Enisy, on behalf of my fellow hearing impaired members of Whedonesque, I thank you muchly for the transcript link!

Off to read.....

ETA: Enisy, you are a hero! Seriously great job on the transcript, especially as English is not your first language (coulda fooled me.)

Man, does Brian ramble or what?

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I would love to see that Kate miniseries get made eventually.
I won't lie, Bryan answering my question was a bit of a rush. Though, I have heard that a person's favourite sound is their own name being spoken. Perhaps that is true.
Nolan; Not to me.
It boggles my mind how at least 40% of fans STILL call this man "Bryan!" I mean, how common IS "Bryan with a Y" anyway. I know at least five Brians, and none of 'em have a Y. What's the deal with this? (lol) It's been mind effing me for the longest time
Maybe they get confused, patxshand, because Brian has a "y" in his last name Lynch. And, perhaps the easy way to remember is to write "Bryan Lynch" instead of BrIan Lynch. Maybe?

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