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May 22 2008

"I couldn't take my eyes off him, he was that intense of a guy." USA Today article with several compliments from the cast and real-life inspirations for Danny Strong's Recount.

Great article! Makes me wish I had HBO but this is why there's friends and/or Netflix. But, although I wish "I couldn't take my eyes off him, he was that intense of a guy" was Denis Leary's description of the talented Mr. Strong, I believe Leary's actually talking about Michael Whouley. Congratulations to Danny - I suspect this is just the beginning for him!
Looks like "Superstar" actually had it right about Danny Strong.

So when is he starring in that "Matrix" movie?
The media coverage of this has been pretty exceptional. Spacey was on MSNBC early yesterday, and Leary was on the Daily Show last week (with a repeat last night). Since all the key politicians and much of the press have seen the advance screening, it keeps being mentioned on the talking heads' shows. And Hillary has now made references to it part of her stump speech (although she seemed to think yesterday that it is a theatrical release).

What's nice about this article, though, is that it does give credit to Danny Strong, and not just to Spacey or the other prominent actors in it.

And who could have foreseen that it would come out on the weekend before the DNC rules committee has to rule on the Florida and Michigan delegations? Nice confluence of art and life, with the payoff going, this weekend, at least, to art.
It doesn't, however, seem to be getting much mention in our Tallahassee newspapers. At least, not the online version. You'd think it would, since it happened and was filmed here.
I just think it's awesome that someone who basically started as the main extra on Buffy is becoming so successful. That he's being mentioned in the same company as people life Kevin Spacey. That's so cool.
You're right, swanjun. I haven't seen much locally.
palehorse, I caught the Spacey interview on MSNBC and he was intelligent as always. Wish he'd mentioned Danny Strong too, but getting the word out to the political junkies was most important.
I cannot wait to see this, although since I live in the UK I may have to resort to underhand methods...

Great to see Kevin Spacey praising Danny's script.
I'm so excited to see 'Recount', I've heard only good things about it (well, if you over-look how it is annoying some of the key players in the actual events). I'll be going over to a friend's house to watch (since I don't have HBO), and luckily that friend now knows who Danny Strong is; we've been watching BtVS in order but Jonathan hadn't made much of an impression until we recently go to 'Superstar'.
doghouse, I saw Spacey on Olbermann last night and he specifically mentioned Danny Strong (and Jay Roach, the director). He didn't dwell on Danny, but his reference of Danny was framed in an extremely flattering way. My only complaint? That Spacey didn't say, "Danny Strong, aka our Jonathan, late of Buffy."

I'm just so impressed with Danny's talent. The EW reviewer praised the "very strong script" of Recount. Or maybe it was "very smart script." At any rate, Danny's writing has been singled out for praise in multiple outlets. Yowza!

As gingeriffic said in the first post on this thread, the "I couldn't take my eyes off him..." header quote is misleading. The quote is not about Danny Strong, it's about Michael Whouley.

I can't wait to see this, although then again, I might have to save it on my dvr and watch it well in the future. That time and that process still give me heartburn. Hell, the word "chad" gives me heartburn.
Thanks, phleb, for mentioning the Olbermann interview. I completely forgot Spacey was on last night, and I was out and didn't tape it. For others who would like to watch it, though, you may see the entire interview here, after the commercial, that is.
Is it silly to say that I'm really proud of Danny? (since I've met him at a few conventions). I'm really proud of Danny.
I'm proud of Danny too, redeem147, having met him as well.

I can't wait to see this on Sunday and am looking forward to all the Sunday morning press shows to mention it in some way.

As might be expected of any political topic, the comments section of the linked USA Today article has some vastly differing views and opinions expressed, but the article sure has inspired some discussion!
I always knew he would be going places since the first time I saw him, and it wasn't on Buffy. Ahh, childhood crushes ;) I never really got over Andrew for killing Jonathan...
I've met Danny way back in 2003 at a con in San Diego. Great guy. It's too bad I don't have HBO to see this movie this weekend, but I will be sure to rent it once the DVD is made.

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