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May 22 2008

Interview with Danny Strong at Television Without Pity. Recount is covered, as well as the Buffy episode Earshot, and his friendships with Jane Espenson, Tom Lenk, and Adam Busch.

That was nice. No ego, outgoing and friendly- and doing a great job!
Wow. That is one insightful guy. I'm really impressed by this, how he spoke so eloquently about his film, how much effort he put into getting it right, and how driven he is.

I really want to see Recount and am suddenly cursing the fates that I don't have HBO. I'd love to learn more about this issue, because I remember it, but I was 12 at the time, and had just moved from Florida the year before. Talk about a strange perspective.

I love that he and Tom and Adam hang out together sometimes; I think that those three will always be inextricably linked with their roles, and it's nice to have reality back that up!

EDIT: I noticed that I had forgotten a period, and it bothered me so.

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I really liked that interview. The interviewer was not clueless or bland and Danny came off brilliantly.

Re: Jane, I'm reading Bob Harris' Trebekistan book now, and Danny is the reason she and Bob met. It's a very cute story.
Good interview - good interviewer. Danny is such a peach, if you can have really intelligent and funny peaches.

I've found some other good links to Recount coverage, though none of it is replete with Danny like this TWoP interview. I imagine we'll see a lot more coverage as it gets closer to air, as he mentions the press rollercoaster in his article.

First, they've amped up the HBO page. There's a nice long trailer there, but I dunno how accessible it is for overseas visitors, so I dug up one at the Huffington Post that might work for you if this one doesn't. HBO also has a substantial interview with director Jay Roach.

Reuters article "HBO's 'Recount' revisits 2000 election fiasco" here.

Philadelphia Daily News/" 'Recount' tries to make sense of 2000 presidential election."

US News and World Report sought opinions on the film from Bush lawyer Ben Ginsberg as well as Gore lawyer Jeffrey Robinson.

Oh, and I so heard this from Danny:

"I wouldn't say I'm a political junkie. I follow it. I read a few articles every day. I think the only reason I'm not a full-fledged junkie is because I think I would kill myself. I get too passionate and too frustrated and too angry."

I'm right there with ya, pal.

(Oh, and I think I am required by the terms of my contract as a Danny Strong fan to mention that Danny was and is the sexiest of all the Three.)
The reviews seem reasonably balanced as well.

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