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May 22 2008

(SPOILER) Detailed description of Nathan Fillion's pilot Castle. The detailed description is on the right side. I hope they used the real authors for "his poker playing buddies James Patterson, Sue Grafton, and Stephen King".

Melinda on our favorite myspace found this.

Okay, ABC, are you finished with the pilot yet? Cause I'm like ready to buy the Castle Pilot DVD.

And Fox, you could start making some Dollhouse Pilot DVDs too. Everybody isn't online you know. Or let us.
Get them out to the rental stores etc. Didn't NBC/Universal do that with Chuck or someother show last season?

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Ooo, this sounds fun! And like it was written for Fillion. :) I too am hoping the authors appear as themselves, I can definitely see King doing it.
So it's like Murder, She Wrote?
I don't think so. Didn't Jessica Fletcher always just "happen" to be there when a murder occurred? This sounds more like the police are coming to Nick than Nick stumbling across bodies. Plus the connection to what he wrote.
I read this and thought - Captain's not old enough to have a teenage daughter. (Sorry, but I will likely always refer to Mr. Fillion as Captain, at least in my own head. It's a thing.) Apparently though he is old enough- I think I'm in denial about this whole passage of time issue.
draculatte (nice name): I think you mean Murder, He Wrote;). Hope it's a good project for Nathan, (See, I just thought it this time.) he certainly deserves it.
haha, Nathan was born in 1971 - that makes him old enough to be a grandfather!
Well, mathematically anyway. 37 year old grandfathers are still pretty rare though ;).

Stephen King loves getting his mug in stuff so I bet he's really him and if he is I bet the others would be too (why use those specific names if you're not using those specific people, especially given that King for instance is much more known for horror than mysteries ?).

I'll be checking this out, s'my kind of thing. Keen to see who plays Beckett though, seems like the chemistry between the two will be absolutely key to the show working.
I would watch
Sue Grafton and James Patterson have appeared a few times on TRU TV (former court tv) in the series Murder By the Book, so I bet this would be something they would do as well. This sounds cool, and they almost described Nathan as Nathan as the whole James Bond with the Jagger swagger, not to mention the killer sense of humor that would make this work. Kinda like Bones does.
Can't you just see Stephen King at the poker table saying maybe the murderer was a vampire and everyone else saying you always think that Stephen.
Giggles at Anonymous1.

It has the potential to be cute, but.. I dunno. I think I'm weary of the male/female investigate duo whose styles clash but who might also fall in love. Not really a new idea, that.

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Sounds like a fun part for Fillion.

You Aaron Sorkin fans out there might recall that NBC put the STUDIO 60 pilot on Netflix for rental in the late summer before its premiere. That was cool.
I think I already love this show. Sure, the dueling male/female detectives aren't new, but give them the right chemistry and just a bit of a twist on the premise, and it's almost sure to be a winner. At least with me. But so much depends on who's cast as Beckett!
But when a real-world copycat murderer starts staging murder scenes from Nick's novels and NYPD Detective Beckett asks him for help, Nick feels the old blood pumping in his veins again.

I so called it!

The mid-season is *interesting*. As long as it doesn't intefere with anything our Whedonites are doing on FOX, I'll be happy.
korkster, this hasn't been picked up. There is no greenlight. ABC has a ridiculous number of dramas in development for midseason. None of which are actually picked up. I would be excited for Nathan if this went forward, but that is yet to be seen and the odds are against it.
Way to rain on an attempt at a parade of paranoia, TamaraC. I'm just speculating, as always, because I have nothing else better to do. (Yes, I'm a work, but who wants to do that? Really should get something to eat, though. Think about it after posting.)
Yeah I know, drowner of parades, that is me. I just like to remind folks that a show being in development means just a tiny bit more than nothing. We can get excited when there is actually something to get excited about.
Well, in the end, it still makes my day because there's no conflict that I'm concerned with. Thank you. :)
ABC are the same stupid blokes who not only announced but actually had a pilot filmed for "Him & Us," and then, for whatever idiotic reason, didn't pick it up.

It's floating around out there in the ether'net, folks - Google it. "Him & Us" starring Kim Cattrall and Anthony Head, with special guest appearances by no less than Sir Elton John & Ozzy Osbourne. Then download the pilot - it's hilarious. I find something new to laugh at every time I watch it.

Tony can totally pull off the "aging rock star who just happens to be so gay he calls men 'she'" role.

Plus he climbs on a piano during a concert. (Too bad he screwed up his knee doing it.)

He so needs to release those songs on his upcoming album.

As for Cap'n Tightpants - I want him back on my screen on a weekly basis, too, gorramit.

C'mon, ABC - gimme a good reason to not flip past you any more.

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