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May 23 2008

TV Worth Watching review of Danny Strong's Recount. Mixed review - enjoyable but forced in spots. Edited to add link to NY Times review, which is very positive, but doesn't mention Danny."
has a positive review that references Danny's strong writing multiple times, e.g.
Strong has pulled off a tricky feat: "Recount" is a political cliffhanger that also concisely elucidates the battle's central controversies...

Kevin Spacey just did a spot on Hardball, and he mentioned Danny Strong's script. This interview will repeat in the 7 p.m. ET hour on MSNBC. The interview also included a clip I hadn't yet seen of Laura Dern as Katherine Harris, as well as the clip where Dennis Leary is explaining to Spacey that the plural of "chad" is "chad."
NPR has also featured a review with Danny Strong on today's edition of "Fresh Air". Here's the link:

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