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May 23 2008

EW picks Anthony Stewart Head as one of 33 Hotties Over 50. ASH is in good company as Entertainment Weekly lists out actors - like Harrison Ford and Mary McDonnell - all old enough to have grandkids, but who can still get the blood pumping.

I love that, for the most part, this list seems to be devoid of the plastic surgery addicts. I find the complete denial of wrinkles to be creepy and quite the opposite of attractive. ASH is a great pick for this list, and in good company.
Love love love Harrison Ford and ASH. In fact, just talking to my friend last night about how much we love them. Although Ford was at his peak in Blade Runner, he's maintained himself fairly well. ASH, on the other, is like fine wine or cheese. Really, really sexy cheese.
Oh, good call on ASH. I love anyone who makes libraries seem sexy. There are quite a few people here at my library who will be pleased by his inclusion. :)

Agree with most of these, and surprised to see that Angela Basset is over 50. When did that happen? And damn, she looks amazing.

But Mel Gibson? Yuck. Haven't found him sexy for years, and his anti-Semitic remarks just sealed his ugly fate for me.
Dizzy, I second that.

I always found ASH to be sexy. In fact with the exception of maybe Angel and Riley, I found ASH to be the hottest male cast member on Buffy.
Some of the photos made me smile (OK, gasp) in appreciation (Ed Harris, Patrick Stewart, ASH of course). Some made me cringe (Bruce Willis, Kevin Costner). But, to echo Dizzy, Mel Gibson? Just... bleccchhh.
Oh, and I just want to add: Bill Nighy. Don't know what it is, but he makes me swoon.
I agree with Dizzy & Neo-Prodigy & Kirochka. Mel Gibson--eeewww.
Hey, loving Patrick Stewart, ASH, Harrison Ford, Pierce Bronsnan, Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, and even Sean Connery.

Did anyone else notice that there were more guys than girls on that list?
korkster - there are actually more women on that list than men (17-16) - Isabella Rossellini is amazing - and Catherine Deneuve could have been there too
Okay, well, moley75, you caught me. I didn't count them. (I should have, knowing who I'm talking to.) I guess it only seemed like more guys because they were the ones I was focusing/have childhood crushes on. My bad.
"(I should have, knowing who I'm talking to.)"

LOL, I apologise for being a nitpicker and also for being sad enough to count them ;-)
It wasn't directed at you, personally. I had a brain fart and forgot that I was at Whedonesque, where details matter. Believe me, if someone else had said there were X more than Y, I would have been the first, or seventeenth to count. :)

I guess the apathy and laziness from another thread still has a hold on me.
Mel Gibson is a hottie? When did that happen?
His smile was cute, MysticSlug. And he carried sorrow well in Braveheart. I think people are just refusing to acknowledge that the "THE" actors are fading out and we haven't decided on replacements yet.
Yeah, I had the Mel Gibson ick moment, too. Most of the people on the list, male and female, would be on my list as well.
I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who finds Bill Nighy to be just a lanky pole o'sexy. Something about that man...mmmmm.
You, I'm glad I'm not the only one to find Mary McDonnell hot. I also felt that Karen Allen was absolutely gorgeous in Crystal Skull.
"Mel Gibson is a hottie? When did that happen?"

1979: Tim
1982: The Year of Living Dangerously

thereafter not so much.
Ahh, what a lovely excuse to watch Tony's Frank-N-Furter vid for the hundredth time.
Ah, I'm glad others share my Bill Nighy love. I think 'twas his role on Love Actually that sealed it for me.

Blehh on Mel Gibson. As for Bruce Willis, the guy has a certain amount of charm. I really loved him when he guest starred on Friends. And Patrick Stewart? Yumm. ...Is it a bad thing that I'm 20 and thinking like this? Eep.

So glad that they mentioned ASH's being Frankenfurter. That made my heart so happy, the day I learned that. Where is this video, Mirage? I need to see it!
Yeah, why no love for Deneuve?? Her The Hunger cohort is on there and they are the steamiest on-screen couple ever.
BoB, it's not a bad thing to love Patrick Stewart so. I grew up on ST:TNG re-runs and I would pretend to be Riker & Troy's love-child. Data was my best friend, and Pickard was like my grand-pa or a very old, annoyed uncle. Now I'm 23 and he's turned into a GILF; would that be considered incest?

What a weird day.

Speaking of weird, here's the video I think you desire.
Oh, holy hell, Buffy the Slayer Layer, I think I broke something snorting with laughter over your last comment.

Knowing Tony, he'd be a bit...perplexed by that comparison. " find cheese sexy? Would that be cheese? White, crumbly, a bit smelly, slightly moldy?"

I loved Mel in the Lethal Weapon movies, and in BraveHeart. Then he started getting...strange with his...uh..."statements."

Mmm. Patrick Stewart - the man who cured me of my fear of bald men. Plus? Probably the most fit captain in the history of the StarFleet.

Here's an interesting note - Tony did an audio book of ST:TNG, "The Valiant," and does a spot-on Jean-Luc Picard. (Although his female Klingon makes me giggle more than anything. TWIN female Klingons, I might add.)

korkster I'm not sure I want to ask you what GILF stands for. (And psst! It's Troi, with an I. Counselor Deanna Troi. Commander Wil Riker's imzadi.)
Glad Tony made this list. It was well deserved, in fact, one of the highlights of my fan experience has been watching him sing and gyrate to 'Sweet Transvestite' a few feet from my face!

I second the anti-Mel sentiment- there's nothing uglier than prejudice.

And GILF? That's a Grandpa (or Grandma) I'd like to f...
missb Ah, thanks. And...ew. I mean...shakes head

TEHO, I guess.

I love & respect Tony as an actor & a family man. I certainly don't think of him that way. (Ripper, on the other hand...grrrowwl.)

And I hear you on the "Sweet Transvestite" performance - I'll never forget seeing him do that high kick at the end when he sang it during his concert @MCB back in '05. (And I'm sure the folks who were sitting at the front table feel the same way.)

What I love most about him is he's real- he's said he won't go in for "corrective surgery," or get his teeth whitened or anything "Hollywood" like that. No nips, no tucks or sucks or coloring or anything unnatural. He's hoping to just age gracefully, far? Doing. And he gets truly puzzled by the amount of adoring female fans requesting to see more of his body sans clothing.

I think of Tony whenever I hear this line from a Jimmy Buffett song - "One day soon I'll be a grandpa/All the pretty girls will call me 'Sir'/Now they're asking me how things are/Soon they'll ask me how things were."
Ta, korkster, for the linkage. I don't know why I was incapable of finding it via search. That was fabulous.
And good luck on the GREs! I should really look into taking those, as I'm going to be graduating in a year...nah.

It's sad, but three of them, specifically Sean Connery, Robert Redford, and Harrison Ford, have started to look old all of a sudden. Even five years ago I found them hot; now it's just, oh, he used to be so good looking (like Barefoot in the Park, Goldfinger-era 007, and Raiders of the Lost Ark). I'm still shaking my head over Dennis Quaid's inclusion, but that's mostly because I've read about what a screwup he is in real life.
Pierce Brosnan? Mmmm. And he looked his yummiest in Goldeneye.

Okay, I guess it's okay if I recognize some of these guys' attractiveness even if they are 30+ years older than I. I also find the kid from Notes on a Scandal to be sexy, even if I'm like 7 months older than he. I'm an equal opportunity ogler.
Totally ok, BoB. As a friend of mine once said, once you pass 20, it's all the same. Never mind that he was a) older than me and b) tyring ot hit on me, there was a certain logic to it.

Why so afraid of bald men, SQ? Bald can be terribly sexy. Chest and back hair that meet over the shoulders is far worse. :)Patrick Stewart tops the list for sexy, as far as I'm concerned, and that's not meant as an affront to anyone else one the list. I just love to hear the man talk. Grrr...
Mmm, I love bald men. Much better than comb-over men or emo-bangs men.

You know, Harrison Ford is starting to show his age, but I still find him very, very sexy. The ol' girlhood crush on Han and Indy dies hard, heh.
That IS very good company. And that picture of ASH seals the deal.
Bruce Willis I love in his appearances, but I think a huge part of his sex appeal is in his personality, so that picture really doesn't sell it.
Dennis Quaid is another one who is sexier than a picture of him would show.

And Angela Basset, hard to believe she is over 50. She looks great, as do all the women in this list. Isabella Rosselini though, has started to look like my mom.
Tina Turner is amazing.

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