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May 24 2008

Nicholas Brendon laps up Buffy Comics. Xander Harris himself is enjoying the comical world of Buffy these days. Nothing to do with the 5000 or so slayers he's surrounded by of course...

Haha. NB would be the type to keep up with the 'verse in comics. I think it's interesting to see which cast members are reading them, versus the ones who aren't. Gives a little clue into the actors' own geekiness or lack thereof.
I loved hearing about SMG and SG's exchange at PaleyFest in regards to 8.12.

So we know for sure that SG and NB are reading; who else is?
"That is the one thing that Xander would be completely blown away about - being in charge of 500 slayers. Xander wasn't in charge of himself in the show!"

Hee heee! Good one.
All those slayers and only one good eye...Xander must be disliking that Fillion guy immensely right about now!
I think I've seen something about Tom Lenk reading them. Restrain your surprise. :)
is there full video footage of the paleyfest reunion on the internet anywhere
I second this desire for Paley... Also not surprised NB is reading them, but always nice that the cast still care! :D
I like that the "Classic Buffy Moment" link on that page takes you to an article with a big picture of Danny Strong. Subtle. :)

Go Danny, go!
I'd read 'em, too, if I were him. I mean, Xander is basically second lead for the first time since... the latest you could call Xander that, despite second-billing in the credits throughout, would be Season 2. And it's pretty much guaranteed, whatever Joss does with him this season is going to be the most important stuf in his arc since then, too. He's already had a romantic storyline, plus a foundation for a Buffy/Xander storyline in place since the beginning of the season. So far, it's had the best stuff for Xander in a long time.
It made me smile to read this.
Me too. If I was in his place, no matter how busy, I would keep up with official comics too to see how my character was doing. It's cool to hear the actors continue to care. Huge convention opportunities too with all the exposure again. It must be a bit of a tease too though--as KingofCretins pointed out, his character is more front and centre than he has been in many seasons, outside of a few episodes or moments per season those last few years. Some plum Xander scenes, would be awesome to see many of 'em acted out, and I bet Brendon would love the chance to show his chops again.

Okay, what did Seth Green say to SMG at the Paley Festival about Buffy Season 8 #12 ?

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